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What video game are you playing...

David Drake

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Still focusing on FFXIV the majority of the time, but when PSN goes down I've been throwing in Mortal Kombat X (I know I'm a game late, but that just let me get XL on the cheap. I'll probably pick up MK11 in a few years once everything's released). I kinda main Alien, Reptile, Raiden, and D'vorah.


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Making progress in Celeste. Already beat the story some time ago, and was hunting Crystal Hearts until I got stumped. But I noticed a hidden Feather powerup while watching a LP, realized "that's what I'm missing!" and went directly there myself -- turns out I was right but that was a serious puzzle at the end to solve before unlocking the Heart.

Then I finally acquired the Heart in level 7 (which itself required finding six collectible crystals throughout the level). The final one to find was the Emerald in the hotel section, and I was so stumped I literally turned on all of the assists (infinite stamina, dashes, and invincibility) to just bum around and explore every corner of every room until I spotted the one suspiciously-cracked wall I'd overlooked.

After that, went back to the Core (epilogue chapter) for another run this time made it past the one room that had stumped me previously, and ultimately finished it (there's no missing the B-side tape here). This unlocked the DLC chapter ("Farewell") and WOW did things escalate quickly there. I've only made it a few rooms in before having to take a break....

On the bright side, I've also beaten the B-sides of the first three areas. Still quite difficult, but not so intimidating after surviving the Core, and there's even some new mechanics to learn (which were always present, you just never needed them until now). And the music remix for the B-side hotel level is awesome.


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Going to play either Hexen or Duke3D soon, seeing as Steam is down in many countries right now, and not just the store.

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Everyone plays Mario Kart and all that, but what do y'all know about..


... :D


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Pokemon Ultra Sun. How the hell does my team (particularly my Salazzle) keep getting constantly outsped by the likes of Guzma, Gladion, Nanu, and Lusamine!? I used up nearly all my healing items (not taking any trips back to town to resupply) in the raid on Aether Paradise, but in contrast, that battle against Lusamine herself actually went super well. (Hawlucha's Flying Press is 4x super effective on Bewear, goood night sweet prince...)

Special mention for Gladion -- when he tossed out his Type:Null (which somehow outsped my Salazzle!) I waited it out with Toxic, and it ultimately turned out to be his Zoroark. Totally forgot they gave him one in Ultra Sun/Moon. (His actual Type:Null was nowhere that fast.)

I have already noticed they toned down the ferocity of Lusamine's antagonism. Regular Sun/Moon had a rather memorable line where she identified Lillie and Gladion only as the daughter who took Cosmog and the son who stole Type:Null (almost exact quote), but that line didn't happen this time. Oh, and Dusle's Poipole was surprisingly sturdy in battle. (I was leading an Absol built for a 100% crit rate, very useful for piercing Defense buffs.)
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Kit H. Ruppell

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Conker's Bad Fur Day. Trading off with a friend when someone dies or gets to a new area.


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I have just discovered Yakuza series.

I wish I have discovered it earlier


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Pokemon Ultra Sun: I was actually kind of relieved that I didn't have to battle Hapu before entering Vast Poni Canyon (instead, it was the Ultra Recon Squad again; Poipole may be unevolved but it's still rather strong). Dragon trial was a little predictable: Thunder Waves for everybody, Feather Dances for Totem Kommo-o and then chip away at its HP, meanwhile ally Noivern is Screeching everybody and ally Scizor loves Bullet Punch. Oh, and Snarl didn't work because apparently the totem is Soundproof, but that's okay because its main threats are physical in nature and only Noivern was special-based.

After that the plot deviated sharply from normal Sun/Moon, in that instead of facing down endgame Lusamine, Necrozma appears and takes on Solgaleo, creating the cover legendary. Then we're introduced to a new minigame event (which is going to take a while longer to learn), as the plot otherwise proceeds straight to Ultra Necrozma in the Ultra Megalopolis. It's time for a showdown, I guess?

Aside: It's no comparison to that raid-format Eternamax Eternatus battle in the Sword/Shield finale for spectacle, but there's no telling just how this will go down. The current team is Lv.49-52, with: Lanturn (with Thunder Wave), Absol (with Snarl and a 100% crit build), Hawlucha (with Feather Dance), Rufflet (with Eviolite), Salazzle (with Toxic and Protect), and Decidueye (and all birds have Roost). I'm low on Revives but otherwise well-stocked on out-of-battle healing (Sitrus Berries are amazing for this).
Well, looks like Ultra Necrozma is Lv.60 which isn't that bad except it STARTS WITH ALL STATS AT +1?

I literally couldn't do anything but watch my party get entirely outsped AND one-shot.

Haven't been beaten by this wide a margin since that time I accidentally challenged the Lv.37 Battle Cafe owner on my first visit to Hammerlocke (i.e. my team was only Lv.25-30). But this isn't an optional battle that I can tell; it's a brick-wall difficulty spike.

Nonetheless, Photon Geyser was obviously Psychic-typed so it's time to bring in Toby (my Zoroark), that should be able to buy me at least one free turn (or a free swap-in). My rookie Jangmo-o will need a lot of training but it has Bulletproof (i.e. immunity to Dragon Pulse) and Noble Roar, and I absolutely need to land a Thunder Wave on this guy.
In other news, beat the B-Side of level 5 (Mirror Temple) in Celeste. It didn't feel like 40 minutes and near-200 deaths! Most of the rooms were actually pretty fun to navigate.
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I've finally finish The House in Fata Morgana and wow. It's absolutely amazing, an absolute rollercoaster until the end. A wonderful VN.

Next up is The House in Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence. Not sure what I'll play after that.


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Destiny 2.


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Celeste's B-sides (level 6 and 7) are now beat. It only took about 1,000 deaths! Late in Lv.7 the crow appears and teaches you a new mechanic with your dash, but fortunately you don't need to use it very much.

As for Pokemon Ultra Sun, my reworked team is now Lv.55-ish and Poni Island is almost impossibly dark with that wormhole above it. However, nobody on Poni acknowledges this, and the other islands are their usual brightness. I did manage to snag myself a Goomy and some Leftovers (which in this game are apparently exclusive to wild Munchlax), but my main strat for Ultra Necrozma will be to stall out its Photon Geyser if possible, while trying to paralyze and debuff it to level the field.
Well, the good news is that battle lasted roughly twice as long.

The bad news is my team STILL can't survive even one attack yet. Decidueye barely survived a non-STAB from him, but...
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Celeste B-side 8 is complete. Total 16 crystal hearts, and this unlocked even more challenges: Golden Strawberries and C-Sides.

As for Pokemon Sword, last night's highlight was a shiny G-max Grimmsnarl raid. (Forgive me, Master Ball, but I must do this, just this once....)


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Legend of Zelda; Link’s Awakening for the Switch. Afterwards I’m gonna play Bloodstained; Curse of the Moon then wait for my sister to finish playing Fire Emblem; Four Houses.


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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
It is not a very polished game but I have always been a huge Dragon Ball fan. So I am having fun with it :3


Favorite moment so far? I have some Philips Hue lamps in my room that are synced to my PC. When Namek was about to blow up while Goku and Frieza where fighting my whole room was filled with red light and the lights were flashing, made pounding Frieza into paste feel even better :D


Fired up RimWorld again recently. I play it a lot on and off. It's a very good game for me to play at work because I can pause it any time, and it's very casual so it doesn't require 100% of my focus. Problem is I tend to get bored with a world I make after I get to like mid-tier tech. I have never actually "won" because I can't force myself to get that far, even if my colony is doing well. I've been trying to challenge myself more lately, but I also tend to get bored if I just keep dying repeatedly, so I'm trying to find a decent balance this time around.


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After much grinding in Ultra Sun, I challenged Ultra Necrozma again, and this time we beat him!
All Lv.58-59
- Lanturn with Thunder Wave (important!), Charge, Sitrus Berry
- Zoroark with Protect, Snarl, U-Turn
- Sceptile (wild caught) with Dual Chop and X-Scissor
- Decidueye (starter) with Spirit Shackle, U-Turn, Sitrus Berry
- Kommo-o with Noble Roar and Haban Berry
- Hawlucha with Feather Dance and Payapa Berry
My battle strategy: Paralyze and debuff Ultra Necrozma to level the odds.
Lanturn tanked a Photon Geyser to land the Thunder Wave, but not even the Sitrus Berry could save him from getting two-shot.
Zoroark stalled a turn out with Protect, but (even paralyzed!) Necrozma still outsped him , didn't go for the illusion (a Hawlucha) either, instead just Dragon Pulsing him off the field. One-shots really hurt.
Hawlucha had to eat a Photon Geyser (thanks Payapa Berry) but landed one Feather Dance -- turns out Necrozma's fourth move is Smart Strike (a physical attack) so that's good. Besides, I hear that Photon Geyser is physical or special depending on whichever is stronger, so I can't just debuff Necrozma's Sp.Atk, I have to debuff both.
After Hawlucha is down, by this point I have good reason to believe Necrozma is out of Photon Geysers, so Kommo-o's Haban Berry saves him enough to land one Noble Roar. Still gets outsped and two-shot.
Decidueye hits for DPS with Spirit Shackle and U-Turn. Necrozma loses a turn to paralysis, buying me time to Max Revive my Zoroark and Snarl him once, making his special attacks actually survivable now. Necrozma's still faster, but at least this meant I can U-Turn out and give Sceptile a clean entry.
Sceptile, fastest on the team, turns out to be the only one capable of outspeeding Necrozma, and finishes the battle off easily.