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What video game are you playing...

Kit H. Ruppell

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It's day 3 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for me. My starting villagers are both birbs!


Super Mario Galaxy 2... they need to make a part 3...


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Not played this year but I played these before:

GTA vice (?)
Meet the Robinson family
Plants vs zombies
Max Payne 2
Just cause 2


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I've been playing a lot of animal crossing new horizons and replaying a bit of xenoblade chronicles 2 because a friend pointed out a weird Easter egg in the trailer for the switch remake of 1 that's leading me to theorize there connected more than I originally thought

Btw anybody got roses? I need some roses...


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Did some work in Mario Maker over the weekend. The one major development is I finally figured out a bust-the-wall setup that I liked (just a Flimsy Lift that drops an offscreen Bob-omb into lava to blow the wall open, very simple and efficient). Course ID: TYS-3B8-6NG.

And if you can beat that easily, try its speedrun version: H82-QTN-B5G


Right meow? League of Legends, I'm currently slamming Morgana mid to gain Mastery. Her new skin was revealed today & I cant even...

Otherwise, WoW (retail), Assassins Creed Odyssey, & Aninal Crossing.


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im late for the party but i mostly play rage 2 or fallout series or elder scrolls series i really cant get into morrowind due to quest markers. I gotta say about rage 2 theme menu sounds like a 80's vib


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I started playing Castlevania: Bloodlines again to try to beat it this time. It's just as hard as I remember... ^^;


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LA Noire.

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I probably haven't mentioned playing Astral Chain recently (or at least not here?). Progress in that game is at Chapter 09 and the endgame has definitely been started.

Meanwhile, in MH4U I officially soloed my Shagaru Magala guild quest (at LV.140). Man, I definitely had some lucky RNG throughout the fight (like actually surviving Shagaru's ground pound, one of three attacks that, at this level, is otherwise expected to one-shot you), getting two Pure Scales (somewhat rare) from shiny drops AND two Phosgems from carves.

I've also been challenging some of the postgame Apex monsters. Apex Gravios wasn't much more a threat than a frenzied Black Gravios, but Apex Tigrex took longer as Tigrexes are just so constantly aggressive. Apex Zinogre, you are next ... as soon as I decide what gear I should be bringing.


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Right now, I'm playing SuperEpic: The Entertainment Wars. It's a metroidvania game starring a racoon and a llama. The basic plot lampoons those crappy freemium games on your phone like your typical Bejeweled or Bust A Move clone with microtransactions. The game is really fun, and has an extensive combo system that's kind of fun to use, and figure out all these different combos and combinations you can use.

Ironically, there are sections blocked off by QR codes that you can scan, and when you do, it takes you to Regent corp's crappy games, and when you beat those games, you got a code that shuts off the barrier. The games are short and don't outstay their welcome, so this ends up being in a surprising and fun gimmick, and it's kind of humorous how they lampoon those games by having fake stores within the game with fake microtransactions that do nothing if you try to buy anything, but poke fun at how far microtransactions can go by buying difficulty modes and higher graphics and whatnot. Also, one of the games is a Bust A Move clone where the theme is Up on the Housetop. Maybe they missed an opportunity to use the song Bust a Move, or they just couldn't get the rights.
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