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What video game are you playing...


I pounce i bounce.
Only Elder Scrolls Online atm. But I don't really play anymore, I only do roleplay ingame... So does that even count? xD
I think Roleplay is play. I mean its in the name.
Now Grinding for gold and xp by hunting the same old mobs over and over again, thats a chore. : p


Pokemon SacredGold. It's a DS rom hack of Pokemon HeartGold. I started playing it on my R4.


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In MH4U, hunting the G-special Chaotic Gore Magala unlocked (of all things!) Amatsu materials at the Wycoon, however, I need to defeat the G-rank Akantor to actually trade the parts -- and done. That hunt actually went SUPER well, just 20min solo, definitely faster than I'd have expected from a G-special hunt.


Mutazione. So far it's a very lovely game. Simplistic plant managing mixed with an eerie and feels-filled story. The art style is very simple, but also very satisfying. I don't think I'm very far yet, but I've been taking my time getting every story tidbit I can and exploring for all the different plant types.
Way too many games I bounce from. Division 2, The Last Remnant, Sniper 4, State of Decay 2, and Destiny 2 are the mains right now. Considering buying World War Z or The Forest here soon.


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Recently finished Danganronpa and Ai Somnium and am currently mourning over the fact that those journeys are over. My in-progress games are Catherine: Full Body, VA-11-Halla, Fate Stay Night, FFX...and two other games, but I've been sitting on them for months so they don't count. My next targets: Zero Escape and Steins;Gate.

Though this is just a lengthy way of me saying I have degenerate, low effort weeb tastes in gaming choices.


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Been playing Monster Hunter World this week. Don't ask me about how it performs on my laptop (you do not want to know), but I am willing to forgive it, so long as I play a 'slower' weapon (like my main, the Charge Blade). Among the highlights:
- So the "Defender" class gear that's available when you have Iceborne installed? It has "disc one nuke" written on it so blatantly it's not even funny. I crafted the Charge Blade just because, but I won't even consider using it until my other weapons are up to par (it's still a good 50% stronger even ignoring its blast element for now). On the flipside, they don't seem to have any upgrades beyond low rank (at least not yet).
- First story quest in the Wildspire Waste ends with hunting a Barroth. There was also a wild Cactuar (part of the FF14 collaboration) there, quite the surprise since that crossover isn't otherwise available until after beating the game.
- Got the Palico Gadgets from the Grimalkyne tribes in Wildspire Waste (which wasn't too hard) and Ancient Forest (which took much longer, because apparently I have yet to explore its upper reaches
- Jyuratodus ("mud Lavasioth") actually put up a good fight, but I went in prepared with Gajau leggings (improves mobility in deep water). This makes me HR4 which unlocks the next tier of (lower rank) event quests.
- Had enough event tickets to craft almost the full set of Spring Blossom armor (so I ignored the headpiece for now). The triple Jagras arena quest wasn't too hard, but I should probably farm it a bit more because you need 3 event tickets for the event longsword, and it yields a full set of Palico event gear.
- The next story hunt is Tobi-Kadachi, but I've been doing a few side missions here and there to get more materials first. The sheer pace of story assignments affords almost zero time for new gear or upgrades, and if you're not upgrading your gear as you go along you will suffer for it later.
- I find the Wildspire Waste really easy to navigate despite its size. Ancient Forest, not so much....

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Silent Hill: Origins

I'm about to storm the theater and cleanse it of ugly, scary things.


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Doing all the dark souls trilogy now. Finished 2 and halfways through 1 and 3


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Super Mario Odyssey. Fun game, but the campaign was too easy. Now I feel like playing Super Mario 64.

I'd be playing Ion Fury on the Switch but they forgot to add inverted aiming in the options menu. Feels bad.
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Civ 4


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Talespire beta. Literally Roll20 meets Minecraft. ADDICTED!!

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The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners.

Current progress is I'm working on the second pump control and the intel location in Old Town. I've found four of the secret recipes (including both the gumbo and the jambalaya) and I ALMOST have the Herbal Medicine recipe available (which'd make things MUCH easier as I don't have to strictly ration pill bottles)... but trying to get the proteins for one of the bench upgrades resulted in me throwing away too many Twinkies and soda cans to have the sugar I need for the bench upgrade that unlocks Herbal Medicine, and I admit that's definitely one crafting ingredient I should NOT have been short on having. (Workable metal, sure, that one's used in a LOT of upgrades and items. Proteins, yeah that's a part of several items that increase stamina without dinging health and that took me WAY too much effort to find 30 of when I needed it. Not sugar. That stuff is VERY common in this game.)

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Play Sekiro and find out how shitty of a ninja you'd be and how fast you'd have ass handed to you.


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Latest progress in MHW:
- Reached the Coral Highlands and took out a few Tzitzis.
- Did I mention Tobi-Kadachi was the first monster (so far) to land a good/solid hit on me? Anjanath was the first one to actually cart me. (Not the story one, but an event quest)
- Shamos gear is limited to a headpiece but said headpiece is awesome -- literally tinted sunglasses. A pair of shades makes my hunter look TOTALLY different, plus it helps obscure the fact that the makeup design I put on my hunter unfortunately makes his eyes look bruised or weary or something (I seriously need to fix that). It also pairs well with my almost-complete Spring Blossom set....
- edit: turns out that you CAN edit parts of your character (hairstyle/makeup) without needing the "character edit voucher". You just need to do so from your room.
- Paolumu is now the second monster to cart me. It was his airborne ground pound that did a "wait, what?" amount of damage.
- Next story-based hunt will definitely be Legiana (who so far has proven almost as territorial as Old World monsters), but I want to finish up some side missions first, including a Rathian or two so I can craft her Charge Blade (I could craft it from scratch instead of the upgrade tree, but that requires a Plate...). Oh, and talking to the Second Fleet master smithy finally unlocked the Special Arena quests (themselves unlocked by trapping a monster instead of killing it).

Meanwhile, in MH4U I'm bashing heads against G-rank Dalamadur (normal and Shah). The subquests in either quest are easy to take care of (that alone has won me enough materials to upgrade my Dal glaive to Shah tier, though it still has one upgrade left), it's mostly just those stupid meteors raining down everywhere....
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Oops, the next story beat in MHW is actually the first foray into the Rotten Vale. Bagged me that Radobaan (required hunt) and a Great Girros (optional). Great Girros was actually somewhat more dangerous due to paralysis, little Girros, and the surrounding effluvium mist, but not being geared for environmental dangers (at least not yet) is part of what makes a good first impression of a threatening new area.