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What video game are you playing...


Satisfactory. It is, indeed, satisfactory. (Had to go for the obvious joke there, sorry doods.)

Desperately needed a distraction over the weekend, was feeling very not good. Shouldn't be spending money, but meh. Sanity is more important than money I guess, even if lack of money is part of the sanity loss.


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Shiren the Wanderer for the SNES. Can't find any other games that can interest me at the moment.


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Monster Hunter World. Where was I? To wit, Zorah went down and it's time for high rank.

I remember, while watching a LP of the game, Zorah Magdaros didn't feel like a compelling apocalypse to stave off then. But now was different, and not just because of the intrinsic difference between watching and playing; I absolutely noticed the subtle foreshadowing that Zorah's trajectory towards the Everstream is actually not a part of its normal life cycle (it's instead the influence of the base game final boss).

Now it's time to start working on high-rank gear and upgrades ... oh, and watch out for invading B-52s.

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I've gone back to Pokémon Sword now that the first expansion is out. Starting up a new team.


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I've primarily played Monster Hunter World since December, but I've only put about 800 hours in the game. Prior to that I almost exclusively played Warframe.

I do jump on 7 Days to Die or Starwars Battlefront 2 though when my friends are online.

Other then that I play Pokemon Crystal most nights before going to bed.


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Does it have co-op? Id' buy it and play with you lol.
it does, but i'd rather you save your money if you haven't played halo or aren't a masochist, because halo on legendary is pretty cancer in a no-fun unfair way.

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Vidja games?

LMAO, I ain't got no time for that shit. I miss the days when I actually had time on my hands, now it's just work, work, work.


Yesterday I played Mordheim: City of the Damned and I'm waiting for Necromunda: Underhive Wars to launch as I've pre-purchased it on Steam. I got Titanfall 2 and Doom (2016) version on Steam this week! :D


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Life is Strange. I bought it in far 2015, but played only first chapter, because game was in development. Pretty good game, but sometimes... eh, too girly.