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What video game are you playing...


Hello, Proto
I'm doing an Ocarina of Time multiworld randomizer run with my bf, Among Us once in a while with him, and Observer: System Redux


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I just picked up Baldur’s Gate 3, to help soothe the crippling depression I have because of the fact that I have no friends who want to play Dungeons & Dragons with me. :’)

I do occasionally switch to my favorite Elder Scrolls games here and there, too.


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Welp, in Gems of War I've accidentally built up a team with a lot of synergy with Red Gems. The list:
- Hero (assorted class and/or weapon, usually playing a tank role). Favorite class so far is probably "Warlord" for one of its perks being a +2 attack buff per ANY damage taken, though "Archer" has a nice perk in inflicting "Hunter's Mark" status for each match of 4 or more (doubling damage inflicted by matching Skulls -- and there seem to be a lot of cards with unlockable resistance to Skull damage).
- Spellpaw: Raksha (catperson) mystic. Ability gives small Armor buff to ally with strongest HP (typically hero, see above point) AND a "Barrier" effect which negates ONE strike of any damage value. It also switches all Blue gems on the board to Red.
- Fire Lizard: Main source of DPS, ability does modest damage plus Burn effect (3 damage per turn) to a randomly selected foe. Also switches 7 gems on the board to Red.

Between Spellpaw and Fire Lizard there's the potential for MASSIVE red gem combos and extra turns (and with Fire Lizard being the only red user on the team, this means a very quick recharge time for its ability, and soon every enemy is Burning). Does pretty well at shutting down Blue teams but can obviously backfire against opposing Red teams (who also benefit from red gem combos) and Fire Lizard's random targeting also allows it to hit "Stealthy" opponents (who can't be manually targeted if non-Stealthy targets are also present).

Other cards I've used regularly:
- Goblin: One of the first cards you get for free; I actually haven't used him much lately but his ability charges very fast, and apparently it's a theme that all Goblins have abilities which are relatively weak BUT give you an extra turn after use.
- Dragonette: Immune to Poison (a weak source of DPS but unlike most status effects does not wear off over time), ability does modest damage but inflicts random status effects on a selected enemy. Kinda fragile though, even at max level and full traits.
- Clockwork Sphinx: Ability allows me to pick one tile on the board and collect all Gems of that color, plus modest Armor buff to all allies. Not so great when the opponent has True Damage (ignores armor), but with Armor being just a secondary HP pool, it's effectively a healer of sorts.
- Drake: Ability strikes one targeted enemy plus splash damage to adjacent troops; damage scales with Red Gems on the board.

This team came together sort of by accident. Not unlike Pokemon, I prefer building a team based first on the visual designs of the creatures (because there's just so many to choose from). Of course, I am leveling up assorted cards whenever I have an opportunity so I will inevitably find more cards to like as I progress further. I'm already at the point where quests in each kingdom tend to feature opposing teams that are max level (16-20 depending on rarity tier) and with full passive traits, so I'm typically fighting with stats a few levels below them and having to pick my moves very tactically.


I've been working my way through the Trine series, just finished the 3rd game today and I'll start the 4th one soon.

Deleted member 133545

Honestly, I haven't been interested on them at all lately
I can't afford a console
but I wish I could play ghost of tsushima
if there is any video game I'm playing right now, it would be a gacha one, SDS grandcross


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Either gonna play borderlands or skylanders...

I don't care if someone says "eww skylanders, play some cod kid" cuz skylanders is still good to me

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Skylanders, that brings me memories, always wanted to play giants, but ended up playing the swapping-body one
pretty great nonetheless


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Mostly cold-waters and dangerous-waters, and the other sub games i have

But also creeper world and the demo for the new one

Niedlich the Wolf

Cute Folf.
Judgement, Trials of Mana Remake (I'm on the new post game content) and dome others I got for my birthday in October such as God of War (latest one) or Kingdom Come: Deliverence.


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Yeah, Skylanders is actually a lot of fun. Easy fun, but fun. I remember playing through the first two games (Skylanders and Giants) and the third (Swap Force). I've also played the opening of the fourth game (Trap Team), and have the remaining two (Superchargers and Imaginators) though I haven't played them. And, wow, the unlockable "Nightmare" difficulty in Swap Force (onwards?) fixes enemy attack power at 50% of your maximum HP so you are ALWAYS dead in two hits. But that also makes it exciting, because you really have to "get good" during some of the more intense sections.
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For someone who's been a huge fan of Tomb Raider since they were a child. I've only just now bought and started playing the Uncharted games.


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Continuing to make progress in Gems of War. I'm now at the point where story quests feature teams composed of fully-traited Lv.20 CPU cards and it is brutal (my main troops are already max level for their rarity class).
- Emperina: One of many NPC partners you collect after completing a kingdom, this one is a full-on dragon. Even without activating her passive traits, her skill is a full heal (HP and status ailments) plus a max-HP and attack buff to one ally which is great to have (and tag-teams well with Spell-Paw or Clockwork Sphinx, since otherwise that ability needs a rather expensive 13 mana to charge).
- Dragonette: I've collected enough copies to upgrade her rarity by two tiers (common/rare/ultra-rare), so her level cap is now Lv.17 (from Lv.15). Level-ups from 15 onwards are generally quite significant, but her skill is still underpowered in the DPS department (but makes up for it over time with its sheer barrage of status ailments)
- Warlord's Battlecry: This class-reward weapon (weapons are basically just another skill, but exclusive to your player character) has a low base damage but scales (on a 1:1 ratio!) with your target's Attack stat, making it very powerful, though it has a slow charge time (13 red mana). Regardless, it can generally one-shot any enemy whose Attack is greater than their current durability (Armor+Life), and is great to have on hand for enemies with Attack buffs (like Orcs).

Had a bad run-in with a daily CPU team led by Harpy Eagle (with Eagle Eye trait). Her passive buff "inflicts Hunter's Mark when dealing Skull damage" (i.e. matching Skull tiles on the board), but what the game doesn't tell you is that it inflicts Hunter's Mark before calculating the Skull damage, causing the bird to deal double damage (the sole effect of Hunter's Mark is to double Skull damage). This feels kind of broken (especially since it's Harpy Eagle's first trait), but not completely since there are plenty of ways to counter it: 1 - Immunity to Hunter's Mark, 2 - Stun status ailment (suppresses passive traits), 3 - Entangled status ailment (forces Attack=0, even if buffed), 4 - Barrier (negates one attack), 5 - skills that shuffle the enemy team lineup (only the leading team member can inflict Skull damage). And besides, there are MANY passive abilities throughout the game that can boost Skull damage above a unit's displayed Attack stat -- my hero is running one skill that adds 20% of his Armor stat to all Skull damage dealt out, and various cards have passive traits that double damage if the opponent is a specific type or inflicted with a specific status, so what's one more?.

I also fought a Boss in a different game mode (King Dokkalfar, a Zhul-Kari Elf) and apparently "Boss" cards are just buffed counterparts of their normal card. For example, for this one the normal version has a skill that does relatively low scatter damage to the opposing team and summons one Giant Spider if his team has an empty slot (plus passive buffs like "Stealth" which prevents being manually targeted by spells), but for the Boss version his skill (now prefixed with "Mega") deals higher scatter damage and summons up to three Giant Spiders. I have also previously seen some Bosses that can collect three (or even all six!) colors of Mana, and ridiculously powerful skills balanced by equally-ridiculous charge times (one of which was a repeatable Devour i.e. one-hit-kill + add opponent's stats to yours, but it needed a whopping 32 mana to cast. 32! I made sure to take him out before he could get it fully charged...)

Anyway, combined with his Stealth perk and placement at the end of his party, that made him extremely difficult to target with much of anything. (Only Cedric Sparklesack of the Gnome Vault game mode is a peskier target; he's also a summoner with Stealthy trait, but placed 3rd in his lineup, not last). But after getting wrecked a few times, I discovered a hard counter and won handily: Since his attack deals ordinary damage (not true damage) I can just repair the damage with armor buffs, which Clockwork Sphinx does in style. Even a +7 armor buff, x4 team members > 25 scatter damage, so as long as I can charge this ability faster than the boss can his, I can literally out-buff his DPS (made all the easier by Clockwork Sphinx having the same mana colors as the boss: Brown+Purple) Plus, Clockwork Sphinx is one of my few cards to be fully traited (all 3 passive buffs) and gets +1 magic per ally spell cast (so after a +8 armor buff, the next cast is +9, then +10, etc). AND finally, Clockwork Sphinx's skill isn't solely an armor buff, you also select one Gem from the board and she destroys all Gems of that color (quickly collecting Mana for every team member that uses that color, even herself) so I can be certain to collect energy faster than the boss (provided he doesn't find a deadly combo of extra turns, which he seemed to have a penchant for doing).

I still have only a handful of regulars that regularly I swap in and out of the team as I go, but at least it's slowly expanding. It's a shame that Chests are the primary source of new cards, but that's just the F2P model for you and the currencies/keys to purchase them are not at all difficult to farm.
- One free Epic-tier card per kindgom story quest (the NPC ally who accompanied you)
- A few free Common cards (Attack Dog and Goblin) from the starting kingdom's questline (Broken Spire)
- Free weapon cards as your hero levels up (and increases spell proficiency for each gem color)
- One free Mythic-tier weapon card per hero class (after 250 wins using that class)
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I do like how Gems of War has these pop-up panels defining gameplay terms and status buffs/ailments so that you can understand them. Really takes the hassle out of learning the basics.
Probably the weirdest one is Freeze: "A Frozen troop no longer receives extra turns from mana or spells." Straightforward sounding, right? (and great vs. Goblins whose skills feature extra turns) But the implementation is weird -- if you match 4 or 5 Gems you get an extra turn unless the troop that collects the matched color is Frozen. Meaning it's possible to work around it -- even if your entire team is Frozen, you can still get extra turns by matching 4-5 Gems of a color NOT collected by your team (or by matching 4-5 Skulls).

Anyway, not much to report here -- cleared another kingdom, current team is level-capped (until I can upgrade their rarities), etc. Also doing some farming in the game's "Arena" mode.
You pay 1000G per run of Arena mode.
- You assemble a team consisting of your Hero, one Common troop, one Rare troop, and one Ultrarare troop. Troops are randomly selected (you get to pick 1 of 3 cards for each).
- Your hero can equip any Weapon or Banner, but not a Class. You can also select a difficulty level to buff the opposing teams' stats (and receive better rewards) -- here too the game is good about explaining precisely what each difficulty level does.
- Then you face similarly assembled CPU teams (featuring the hero character of other, actual players) until you win 8 battles or lose 2 (retreat/quitting a battle counts as a loss). Final rewards for the run increase with the # wins.
- Battles frequently reward you with Ingots (to upgrade your hero's weapons with passive buffs/effects) in addition to the usual random drops (Gold Keys, etc).
- After a run (at least if you win) you are also get an option to purchase (one copy of) the Troops in your arena team -- but it's paid for in a high Gems cost (the game's premium currency which actually is slow to grind). Again, ugh F2P model (but the offer does at least pre-level the cards to Lv.15) and the mode itself is fine for a change of pace from the high-level battles in late story missions.

Of course, Arena battles can still turn sour very quickly -- got into a bad one against an "Egg Snatcher" (as in Dragon Eggs) who is functionally a summoner, so she kept filling her side with replacement troops faster than I could defeat them (and the team I assembled didn't have any skills able to target her directly) making her impossible to actually take out, as she slowly whittled away at me with minor damage.
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Finally! Fuck!

That stupid FUCKING last boss!


Okami HD is 50% off on Steam, so I'll probably play that next. I never played the original but I've heard nothing but good things.