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What video game are you playing...


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hollow knight. Stuck again in the coliseum of fools (fully pumped the nail + put on an amulet for additional damage). I'm a bad player.


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I really should find another game, but in the meantime...
In story quests I've encountered an occasional CPU team that's either a good counterbuild for my team, or just has a strong (and CPU-viable!) build strategy, with the top of that list being the "I've decided it's just not going to BE your turn" strategy. The AI may be a little dumb when matching colors or activating spells, but MAN does it capitalize on virtually every 4- or 5- match it can get (because so should you). Plus, I am now in kingdoms where the CPU teams range from Lv.21 to Lv.25, where just one mistake can sometimes cost me the entire battle. (I've forfeited and restarted battles more than I'd like to admit).

...apparently this is the main way the game increments difficulty against the CPU: their cards are allowed to level higher than the Lv.20 cap. Several event modes (tower, pet rescue, bounties, etc.) pit you against CPU teams that are more or less the same each time, just increasing in level as you progress.

Regardless, I've had more than a few of these late-game boss battles where I've handily won on the first try, sometimes by sheer luck but more often just through good play with my team composition. Some more additions:
- Dimetrexia: This dragon is the NPC ally you get in Darkstone kingdom. Her skill does modest scatter damage and burns the entire enemy team, racking up some great DOT but (unlike Fire Lizard's skill) the burn effect isn't guaranteed. (Her male counterpart, which I forget the name of, has a similar skill except it inflicts Disease instead of Burn).
- Amira: This fox girl (not "foxgirl", but this Wargare is a fox and female) is your NPC ally from Leonis kingdom. She's still underleveled but her skill deals true damage (plus steals the opponent's Magic stat, weakening its skill while buffing her own) and doubly so on Blue enemies. I definitely need a blue-killer....
- Spider Knight: Not particularly a fan of this one but he can inflict Web status on enemies, which forces the target's magic power to zero. Great for nerfing those boss attacks that can inflict massive team-wide damage (but useless against fixed effects, like swapping gem colors on the board, extra turns, or boost ratios). You can tell when an effect scales with the user's Magic stat because the number is highlighted with color (any other scaling, or 'boosts', are clearly identified in a skill's description itself).
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ARK: Survival Evolved with some feathered friends


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I really should clean up some of the older titles and/or demos I have on my Switch, so yesterday I crossed of Puzzle Quest.

Just two battles in and I realized that I've played the demo before -- but not sure when or where. Maybe on the 3DS?

Mechanically, it's a lot like Gems of War except Puzzle Quest did the format first ... but its age shows.
- Swap adjacent tiles on an 8x8 grid to match lines of 3 or more. Matching 4 or more lets you move again instead of passing the turn to your opponent.
- Mana comes in four colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue. (Gems of War also has Brown and Purple mana) You can store up to 10 mana per color; using skills/spells consumes various amounts of differing colors.
- Gold coins and purple stars also appear on the board; match them to collect Gold or EXP.
- Skulls (and power skulls) appear on the board; match them to attack.
- You have a single hero but can equip weapons/armor them to provide stat buffs and usable skills/spells.
- It does have that "Gen 5 problem" where, when one side in a battle is low on HP, the combat music changes. Unlike Pokemon, this isn't an instant track change but a fade swap (so it takes a few battles to realize the pattern).

Meanwhile, in MH3U I've completed every single-monster hunt in G1 but that's not enough to unlock the urgent quest for G2. On to the multi-monster hunts then? Barroth+Nibelsnarf, then Barioth+Baleful Gigginox. If that doesn't unlock it....

Edit: Whoops, spoke too soon -- Barioth and Baleful Gigginox were the last required quest for me. G2 urgent is two Brachydios in the Tundra. Hmm, maybe I should farm the Barroth set....
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I haven't really done any gaming in a while, but I'm trying to get back into it. I was practicing playing Nier Automata because I want to beat it in hard mode. I was also playing a bit of Code Vein.


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Hyrule Warriors for the moment. Got burned out on Animal Crossing. Gotta pick up some new gen stuff when my PS5 comes in a few days. Prolly AC Valhalla and I really want to try the new Watch Dogs since I loved the 2nd one so much.


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Gunfire Reborn

I looked up the game. It looks cool, though it's probably not going to be for me since I'm not a big fan of first-person shooters, or games in general where shooting is a big part of the experience. That being said, it is always nice to see anthropomorphic protagonist characters in video games.
Uninstalled csgo last week to have a much needed break. Roamed around on the steam store page and found Deus Ex Human revolution on sale. Never were one into the series too much or had intentions to play it, but some kind of chill single player gig to enjoy after work with zero intentions of streaming it I welcomed greatly.

It's a bit rough around the edges and stealth can be a bit spotty, but any game I can sit down infront of six hours straight deserves a hats off at least.

Good warmup for Cyberpunk 2077 probably.

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replaying outer worlds rn and trying to actually shoot things instead of meleeing everything i possibly can. controller aim is... a struggle, but i'm workin' with it! i have a bad habit of playing games with shootin' in em and deciding to smack everything to death instead.


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Just started Ni No Kuni 1
I really dig the 2D animated cutscenes in this game. They're actually full on 1080p and look just like Ghibli films and even are just as well animated, its kind of impressive.
The MC moves soooooo slow though and I fear once the game gets moving that getting anywhere will be a pain.


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Had one of the worst hunts in MH3U the other day, because I forgot to bring any Whetstones. Whoops! I still took down the monsters, but either Sandy Plains doesn't have any Whetstone gathering points or I just haven't found them because by the time I completed the hunt my poor Sharpness was red(!), even after using up the supply items.

Finished the questline in Gems of War for the ruined kingdom "Sin of Maraj".

The first thing that made it unique is that your NPC partner is Luther, the same partner (and tutorial giver) from the first kingdom in the game. He explains a bit about the Maraj's backstory while you fight off primarily Demon-typed teams, with minibosses led by demons of the Seven Deadly Sins. And my team still largely has this weird pattern of having less difficulty with the actual "boss" battles than the "lesser" battles preceding them.

I really should start looking into Freeze sometime, to reduce the CPU's ability to farm extra turns.

Anyway, what is the final boss of the area? None other than Plague, War, Famine, and Death.

Yup. And hell, as a boss battle The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (their home kingdom as stated on their cards is literally the "Apocalypse") do not disappoint.

1 - Their base rarity is Mythic, and at Lv.25 they are over cap.
2 - Their spells require over 20 units of Mana, but each one can collect three(!) colors of Mana.
3 - All of them have some a nefarious final passive buff: Plague debuffs your entire team by 1 point on matches of 4 or more (and is itself immune to status ailments), War's Attack stat increases 3 points per turn (and its spell not only Burns your whole team but scales with its own Attack, ouch), Famine debuffs your party leader by 2 points per turn (plus regens 1 Armor per turn, and its spell drains all mana from your team to strike one target for massive damage), and Death drains 2 Life from your leader per turn (not to mention its spell deals damage scaled with its Life, ouch).
4 - Fortunately, I did have at least some counters already on team: I've classed my hero as a Stormcaller with +2HP regen per turn (conveniently heals off the damage from Death's ability, though its HP still increases over time), plus the Warlord class weapon's ability to scale damage by the target's Attack enables me to literally one-shot War about five turns in. (War isn't even first in the party formation, so its increasing Attack stat isn't even a threat until its spell is charged.) Also, everyone except Famine is at least partly Blue Mana, so Amira (who is finally leveled up) can two-shot any of them with her skill, so long as I can collect Mana quickly enough. ...and that was the main problem. I don't have any team members ready who can generate Purple gems on the board (though I have seen quite a few by now), and as usual, I can't afford to let the CPU get any extra turns.

I didn't bother counting the number of times I had to retreat from the battle because I could tell it was going badly and fast (or persisted through to actual defeat). I did eventually beat them, but it was definitely a lucky victory.

Yes, I know; I could have trained up new team members with different skills or buffs (double damage vs. Demons, for example) but I play collectible games with a "Pokemon rule" -- if you can't proceed with team members that YOU personally like then what's even the point? With so many options you should be able to make almost anything viable.
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Upon, revisiting it, Sonic Lost World is pretty alright. A weird one, but still gives me smiles.
It's got some contentious points about it, but it really is one tightly made game...the console version.
3DS version? Dimps, what the FUCK. :l

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Among Us, after dinner.


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I'm G2 in MH3U now. Those dual Brachys were almost a cakewalk, given that Brachydios doesn't really have any new surprises in G-rank (mostly just a bit faster than in highrank). Now I can start hunting some of the fun monsters ... like Sand Barioth, so I can finally upgrade my Barioth ice lance to G-rank level. (But it's still not enough to solo HR5 Jhen Mohran...)

Latest progress is the Maugrim Woods. Again, my team composition (which is sorely lacking in passive buffs) has this weird phenomenon of just shredding through tougher CPU teams when "easier" teams shred me in return.

And while your player team has a level cap of 20 where CPU teams do not, you do have access to unique buffs the CPU does not:
- Your player character (Hero) is a very strong Troop in its own right when equipped with a Class
- Class "Talents" are often stronger than the equivalent Trait (in addition to actual class Traits, and yes they stack)
- Upgrading a home kingdom to higher levels gives you "Kingdom Bonuses", stat boosts for having specific types (or varieties) of troops in your team
- Collect "Tokens" to assemble "Badges" (and in turn, "Medals") which you can equip 3 of to provide stat boosts across the entire team (I assembled the one for +2 Armor)

Regardless, your NPC ally for Maugrim Woods is a hunter called "Scarlet", and she's not the only nod to Little Red Riding Hood in this area's questline.

The area's boss fight was against three-headed demon dog "Kerberus", accompanied by a full Wargare (wolfpeople) attack team, all scaled to Lv.27! Dimetrexia's not-quite-reliable burns had proved useful in many fights leading up to this, but not here. Clockwork Sphinx, though, proved invaluable once again (for the ability to quickly fill mana for a different team member + teamwide Armor buff), and (after only 2-3 attempts) I emerged victorious with no casualties.

Oh, and now I know the appeal of the "Gnome Vault" battle mode: Defeating a Gnome always yields unique rewards (depending on the Gnome type), but they are even higher in this mode specifically, with the leader (Cedric Sparklesack) yielding the absolute best rewards when beaten. Like the cards for actual Gnome troops, Souls (XP) in the thousands, or Gold in the tens of thousands. The last of which helped me level up a few more kingdoms here and there....

Oh, and apparently upon unlocking this tier of kingdoms I also unlocked the "Underworld" map, with even more regions (called "Factions").

All in all, a good run for today.