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What video game are you playing...

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Spyro's Reignited Trilogy

sleepy kitty

frisky feline


I'm playing Injustice 2 and like the first 10 or 20 minutes of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. I like the dice game, it feels really comfy.


Started playing through GTA IV a few days ago. It's a game I'd got maybe half-way through in the past but I want to see it through to the end this time. Currently about 20% of the way through the story.

Also just completed Donut County, which was fun ^_^

And continuing to play hidden object games, latest being New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia. I'll probably start another Artifex Mundi game after this. I find them pretty relaxing to play.
Was streaming a few nights ago but was too tired to play anything intense and was suggested to pick up Stardewvalley.

The game itself never appealed to me that much and I just remember the hype that was around in a few years ago, but I am glad that I did make a visit into the game. It's adorable and very relaxing to play, can easily understand why people like that game. Only a few hours into it as of now but excited to visit that game more.

Also currently playing through some Diablo II as a "blast to the past" kind of thing.


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Meat, meat, meat!
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Sir Thaikard

Prior to the lockdown I managed to get into an internet cafe and try Phasmophobia. That game consistently manages to scare and be unsettling.

I'm looking forward to trying it again when I'm allowed out of my house.


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I played the demo for Monster Hunter Rise -- Great Izuchi is a nice early monster, and it's lovely to see Mizutsune again. They changed bubble-blight, and Mizutsune has new moves (including its side tackle which was previously only seen in G-rank).

In other news, made a little more progress in Monster Sanctuary. I'm prepping my team to take on the next "trainer battle" in the plot, mostly by exploring new areas. I unlocked a region called the Sun Temple and while it's clearly higher level than I am (Lv.18 versus Lv.13-15), I have been largely able to fend off the monsters (and even get a few of my own). Then I also explored almost all of the Snowy Peaks that are above it, largely while avoiding encounters with the wild monsters. I think my team should be ready....
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Well, apparently the level scaling in Monster Sanctuary isn't 100% realtime like I had an impression of -- backtracking across earlier areas revealed wild monsters still at lower levels. Hmm.

That trainer battle against the enemy Alchemist was still pretty rough ... but somehow I prevailed in the end.

And apparently "Champion" monsters aren't always fought alone, as the "Goblin King" boss was accompanied by two standard Goblins; I chose to focus on taking them out first. Afterwards, I explored the rest of the area and made it to the neighboring zone (Horizon Beach or something).


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Since it was included in PS-Plus this month, I’m currently playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I was a little disappointed to learn that Laras muscles were slightly downgraded compared to earlier E3-presentations, but I’m still happy with what’s left.
It’s probably silly how much I’m focused on that aspect XD but it’s not only sexy in my book it also fits a character whose supposed to climb/handle a bow a lot.
I’m also making frequent use of the photo-mode. Crystal Dynamics rly put a lot of effort into those sceneries.


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I just recently started replaying The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It was one of my favorite games in high school. It always holds a special place in my heart, despite its flaws.


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Monster Sanctuary is definitely NOT Pokemon. Trying to play it with a "collect them all" mindset is actually becoming a handicap, because the more monsters you rotate in and out of your team, the slower your team as a whole levels up, ad this game seems to be designed with a difficulty curve of keeping a mostly static "A-list" of monsters. E.g. the last area I went through started with wild monsters at Lv.18 but ends with a boss at Lv.25 (yes, a +50% increase in just one area) and my team ranages from merely Lv.14 to Lv.18 currently.

So some of my options are (1) just keep grinding, or (2) run a limited team. I am conflicted.


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I’m playing the original Fallout games by Black Isle. Don’t know why I didn’t pick them up sooner, it’s actually really challenging in a fun way.


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Starwars battlefront 2, 2017 version. if anyone wants my gamer tag for Xbox, dm me, we can set up some gaming fun.
If that's not your thing, I also play the Halo series, and a few other Starwars battlefront games.


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As always, rotating between a few things.

In Gems of War's daily challenges, one of them featured gnomes from The Vault and had four levels ranging all the way up to "Ultimate" (cpu scaled to Lv.125!). Levels and stats start to lose all meaning once the cpu is above Lv.50 or so, so I put together a cheese team and, though it took countless tries, beat it. Got two rare "VIP keys" from it!
One hero weapon you can unlock is called "Mang". It's a red/black-mana weapon card that strips all Armor from a selected opponent then adds that value to your own Attack stat (while dealing otherwise only modest damage). Which means that if you use it just once you become capable of two-shotting the average opponent (by matching Skulls); use it against two different opponents and you become capable of one-shotting most opponents outright.

But the Gnome team features the gnome king, "Cedric Sparklesack", a Stealthy Summoner type card that is extremely pesky to even hit. One of the counterstrategies is to use any skill that can shuffle the opposing team's formation, such as "War Goat" which knocks the first enemy to the last position (other enemies are shuffled forward). Two uses of this (and it charges in just 2 turns) leaves Cedric exposed in first position and ready to two-shot.

The challenge, of course, was figuring out how to keep my team alive long enough to actually do all of that -- I brought Priestess and Dwarven Gate for their ability to add Barrier to allies (blocks one hit of any damage), but it still took over a dozen attempts before I nailed "the run".

Meanwhile, in MH3U, slowly gearing up to take on G-rank Deviljho. Upgrading armor sets, weapons, etc ... I really need a Dragon-type weapon sometime, but my choices for that are limited.

Stray Cat Terry

Honestly there aren't many videogames for me to enjoy nowadays. Be it the poor gameplay, poor setups(those that reach the point you can't focus with your brain running), poor management(especially the inability to prevent hackers, but not limited to), obsession towards microtransactions(another reason you cant focus long enough), suddenly transforming into what the game didnt use to be... etcetc.

Listing a few I used to enjoy but abandoned now:

Destiny 2 (the patch shifted the game)... bye.
PlanetSide 2 (same)... bye.
CounterStrike 2 / Online (simply dead, no longer exists)... bye.
Skid Rush / Drift City (same, but happened so long ago, I failed to adapt to the 'new' game despite I tried to)... bye.
GTA V / Online (hackers never go off)... bye.
World of Tanks (game changed, cant handle abusers, flooding microtransactions... this one is the ultimate)... bye-bye.

Gotta blame myself for being a light-core gamer, otherwise I'd potentially have been playing more games.. Like Escape from Tarkov, Rainbox Six: Siege, Lobotomy Corporation, Super Animal Royale(to be mentioned below)..etc.

Still, I'm playing The Crew 2, designing LEO decals... It's rather fun to RP and have fun with some pals, but never fun to play alone.

Furry games? Not much of them turned out to be enough for me to have fun for long. But the best of them personally was Super Animal Royale. Nothing to blame unless you care about high detailed graphics and freedom. However, it's very energy-consuming for me.

If anyone(potentially) is interested, I can play World of Tanks Blitz, The Crew 2 and Super Animal Royale. But I can never seriously enjoy them alone.

Other than that, I play various Pokemon games(main but also MD) on emulators, thus can never go for multiplayer, but I suppose it's one of the best singleplayer games(in terms of taking the longest time till you get bored) in our history... At least, for me. UwU
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obsession towards microtransactions(another reason you cant focus long enough)
Microtransaction-based design is its own web of problems. On the plus side, these games usually also double as their own free demos, but on the downside, what kind of progression grind do they expect from you, what kind of limitations might they impose on your play sessions or game modes? It's super hard to get a balance that feels "right" to the players.

sleepy kitty

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Getting ready to start DOOM 64 on my Switch