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What video game are you playing...


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In Gems of War, this week there was a new creature (Wyrmling, a baby dragon) available in the "Pet Rescue" event and I actually farmed it to completion.
The cpu teams in this event were blue teams centered around Scylla. Great news for Amira in the first few rounds with her double damage against blue users, but I absolutely had to start changing strategies after that.

At round 7, the cpu is up to Lv.80 which is, quite frankly, ridiculous. However the specific team I was fighting wasn't much threat, with its only usable colors being Green, Blue, and Purple -- blue being common to all of them, but the first two cards (both Coral Golems) having Green and Scylla having Purple. And Coral Golem's skill is fairly low-tier (explode 1 gem, armor+life buff) meaning their only real threat is Skull damage (from the cpu's overleveled attack power).

I eventually discovered a strategy to level the field: There's a weapon card ("Mang") which strips ALL armor from the target before inflicting (relatively minor) damage, but it adds that armor (at a 1:1 ratio) to your hero's Attack. So, like Warlord's Battlecry, this benefit effectively scales with your opponent's level, making it great against teams that outlevel you. The only hitch? Attack is generally only relevant for matching Skull tiles, so you need to be good (and lucky) at lining up Skulls to actually hit your opponent. And if your hero gets knocked out, you'd better have a backup plan ready.

Regardless, despite requiring very many attempts, I finally beat the cpu teams at Lv.80 and Lv.100 for the guaranteed pet reward (instead of just a chance at the pet reward, as you get for earlier rounds).

I'm thinking this weapon should prove useful against raid boss Zuul'goth, too, as if an opponent has roughly equal Life and Armor scores then this weapon can two-shot them regardless of level.

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Battlefield 4, Rainbow Six Siege, and A Link to the Past


I recently started FFXIV and I've been playing when I have the time, as I haven't hit the free level cap yet.


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Just reached the latter half of G2 in MH3U today. Green Nargacuga was the semi-urgent (not an actual urgent quest, just gatekeeper for the second round of new quests), and while I made a few mistakes early in the hunt I caught on (and caught up) quickly and captured it without further hassle. Except for that tail ... managed to pop it off and it landed literally one step away from the zone exit (I was actually worried I might not be able to carve it).


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Styx: Master of Shadows
It's the first time I've played a stealth game. It's neat. Definitely not my favourite genre, but I suppose I can see myself picking up something that looks interesting every now and then.
I'm playing Injustice 2 and like the first 10 or 20 minutes of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. I like the dice game, it feels really comfy.


Started playing through GTA IV a few days ago. It's a game I'd got maybe half-way through in the past but I want to see it through to the end this time. Currently about 20% of the way through the story.

Also just completed Donut County, which was fun ^_^

And continuing to play hidden object games, latest being New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia. I'll probably start another Artifex Mundi game after this. I find them pretty relaxing to play.
Was streaming a few nights ago but was too tired to play anything intense and was suggested to pick up Stardewvalley.

The game itself never appealed to me that much and I just remember the hype that was around in a few years ago, but I am glad that I did make a visit into the game. It's adorable and very relaxing to play, can easily understand why people like that game. Only a few hours into it as of now but excited to visit that game more.

Also currently playing through some Diablo II as a "blast to the past" kind of thing.


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hl2 2021-01-13 11-11-45-30.jpg

Sir Thaikard

Prior to the lockdown I managed to get into an internet cafe and try Phasmophobia. That game consistently manages to scare and be unsettling.

I'm looking forward to trying it again when I'm allowed out of my house.


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I played the demo for Monster Hunter Rise -- Great Izuchi is a nice early monster, and it's lovely to see Mizutsune again. They changed bubble-blight, and Mizutsune has new moves (including its side tackle which was previously only seen in G-rank).

In other news, made a little more progress in Monster Sanctuary. I'm prepping my team to take on the next "trainer battle" in the plot, mostly by exploring new areas. I unlocked a region called the Sun Temple and while it's clearly higher level than I am (Lv.18 versus Lv.13-15), I have been largely able to fend off the monsters (and even get a few of my own). Then I also explored almost all of the Snowy Peaks that are above it, largely while avoiding encounters with the wild monsters. I think my team should be ready....
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Best Pokemon game ever

(Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of the Sky)

I am also listening to remixes of the OST and they are making me very emotional send tissues


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Well, apparently the level scaling in Monster Sanctuary isn't 100% realtime like I had an impression of -- backtracking across earlier areas revealed wild monsters still at lower levels. Hmm.

That trainer battle against the enemy Alchemist was still pretty rough ... but somehow I prevailed in the end.

And apparently "Champion" monsters aren't always fought alone, as the "Goblin King" boss was accompanied by two standard Goblins; I chose to focus on taking them out first. Afterwards, I explored the rest of the area and made it to the neighboring zone (Horizon Beach or something).


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Since it was included in PS-Plus this month, I’m currently playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I was a little disappointed to learn that Laras muscles were slightly downgraded compared to earlier E3-presentations, but I’m still happy with what’s left.
It’s probably silly how much I’m focused on that aspect XD but it’s not only sexy in my book it also fits a character whose supposed to climb/handle a bow a lot.
I’m also making frequent use of the photo-mode. Crystal Dynamics rly put a lot of effort into those sceneries.


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Monster Sanctuary is definitely NOT Pokemon. Trying to play it with a "collect them all" mindset is actually becoming a handicap, because the more monsters you rotate in and out of your team, the slower your team as a whole levels up, ad this game seems to be designed with a difficulty curve of keeping a mostly static "A-list" of monsters. E.g. the last area I went through started with wild monsters at Lv.18 but ends with a boss at Lv.25 (yes, a +50% increase in just one area) and my team ranages from merely Lv.14 to Lv.18 currently.

So some of my options are (1) just keep grinding, or (2) run a limited team. I am conflicted.