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What video game are you playing...


So um, I'm a bear.
Just recently got into Rising Storm 2: Vietnam after getting it on sale. It's definitely scratching the itch the newer Battlefields couldn't. They got a little too arcadey for me.

Otherwise I've been (literally) grinding Tony Hawk 1+2, it's fun! Just got three achievements left for 100%!

And aside from that, been going through my old old backlog games, like TR II, III and the Last Revelation, Blood, and Turok. >:3


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Darkest Dungeon! Cause I refuse to let them die in the hands of the dark!

Sam Wamm

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due a distinct lack of non-human first party games on this planet i've been mostly playing visual novels for the past 5 years

Nexus Cabler

\ ( :v ) /
Dragon Petting for the Gameboy.



Also trying Left 4 Dead again.
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Currently Playing Winds of Change and I love it. Though not sure a visual novel counts. It's a furry game too.


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Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen
Old but good
Having a nightmare this bloody grim reaper thing *but I’m level 86 :( *


Currently Playing Winds of Change and I love it. Though not sure a visual novel counts. It's a furry game too.
Yooo Winds of Change was awesome. Really loved the neat art style, and the story itself wasn’t that bad. Think my favorite character was Pro if I recall. Just loved his kind of bubbly personality and his cool appearance <3


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Did I mention picking up Monster Hunter Rise after it launched? No?

Well ... nothing really important to say about it. Been playing mostly solo, finished the village quests (the village storyline was quite short -- certainly better than Generations but the "showdown" with Magnamalo arrived too soon) and have made it to HR7 in the Gathering Hub.

Designwise, it's an interesting counterpoint to MH World before it. Many of the lesser mechanics directly reprise how World did things, but the overall design is more comparable to "old-world" MH design. The split progression between "village" and "hub" is back, but if you play through village quests first you unlock exclusive "Special License" quests which increment your HR in the Hub so that you don't have to repeat the same progression all over again. It's still not as convenient as the unified progression that there was in World, but it's a nice favor to see (even though I actually missed it completely and started up a second, disposable save file JUST to see them).

Oh, and quests are marked as "unstable environment" starting at HR6 meaning "invader" monsters start to show up -- like Rajang. Strangely, he always seems to be found sleeping, but I've made a point of waking up the angry monkey and then letting it pursue me to my target so the two monsters can tangle with each other. And last night I was on an HR7 quest with TWO unknown monster icons, one of them Rajang and the other one NOT Rajang. (I have an idea what it might have been, but I didn't actually encounter it during that hunt.)
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Meanwhile, in the "minor timesink" category, Gems of War got a tangible update and they're running a "campaign" (the first one in a while). Nothing too special, but there is some narration for each new chapter released weekly, with matching themed event modes and specific objectives to climb the way up the campaign's reward ladder. The best rewards, of course, are locked behind the "epic" tier campaign pass (sold for $10) but the free-tier rewards aren't bad. Not great, just not bad.

Basically, each week there are 2 Gold tasks, 3 Silver, and 10 Bronze tasks, all adding up to a total 100 campaign points (which levels up the campaign's "artifact" and gives your team a stat boost during the event). If a given campaign task is undesirable you can pay a Gem price (50 for Bronze, 100 for Silver, etc.) to skip it, but thanks to the latest update you can also (and for free) re-roll a task for one different one. For example, "defeat Queen Aurora in any battle mode" was functionally impossible because unless you're into PVP and facing an Aurora team explicitly, the only place to encounter this Mythic-tier card is, presumably, in Silverglade's Mythic Boss Battle, which requires grinding the Explore mode for Mythstones and even then there are multiple Mythic bosses you could face.

According to the game's patch notes there are also two more tweaks:
- Lycanthropy status ailment: Currently only implemented via "random status ailment", but it's a random chance that the affected troop card will transform into a random Beast card (presumably with the typical 10% chance to heal).
- "Uber Doomskull" tile, or perhaps I should just call it the "Uberskull". Adds +10 to a Skull match and explodes a rounded 5x5 area of the board when matched. Quite rare to see one in play, but they promise future Troop cards that will interact with them as part of their spell effect.

Oh, and last night I finished my latest armor set in MH Rise and then beat the final boss. Not gonna go spoiling it.


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They Are Billions, Micro Annihilation and Stellaris. Oh and Frostpunk.

Debra Clark

right now i'm playing illegal skyrim mods because playstation screwed the system

Adrian Gordon

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i played skyrim a while back because i like the whole northern europe aesthetic.
since then i went onto other things but since being in lockdown i've got back into it.

Sam Wamm

I'm a goat plushie
I would love to know what non-human visual novels you might recommend. Currently really enjoying winds of change.
just ones in the community. there's hundreds of indie.