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What video game are you playing...


So um, I'm a bear.
Uh-oh! I'm back to Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing! :p Just got a Switch Lite to play with during my downtime at work, and got tired of putting off playing through The Ancient Gods.


The Shapeshifting Fox
Rocket League. Nothing like car soccer... I'm terrible at it but that's why it's so addicting - I want to get better. I have it both on Epic Games and on Steam. Beware there are a lot of toxic players x.x


Fallout 4 at minimum settings.
Fallout4 2021-06-26 21-09-23-60.jpg

Curt Goynes

Did I mention picking up Monster Hunter Rise after it launched? No?

Well ... nothing really important to say about it. Been playing mostly solo, finished the village quests (the village storyline was quite short -- certainly better than Generations but the "showdown" with Magnamalo arrived too soon) and have made it to HR7 in the Gathering Hub.

Designwise, it's an interesting counterpoint to MH World before it. Many of the lesser mechanics directly reprise how World did things, but the overall design is more comparable to "old-world" MH design. The split progression between "village" and "hub" is back, but if you play through village quests first you unlock exclusive "Special License" quests which increment your HR in the Hub so that you don't have to repeat the same progression all over again. It's still not as convenient as the unified progression that there was in World, but it's a nice favor to see (even though I actually missed it completely and started up a second, disposable save file JUST to see them).

Oh, and quests are marked as "unstable environment" starting at HR6 meaning "invader" monsters start to show up -- like Rajang. Strangely, he always seems to be found sleeping, but I've made a point of waking up the angry monkey and then letting it pursue me to my target so the two monsters can tangle with each other. And last night I was on an HR7 quest with TWO unknown monster icons, one of them Rajang and the other one NOT Rajang. (I have an idea what it might have been, but I didn't actually encounter it during that hunt.) The other day I found myself thinking that it was much more comfortable and easier to get power levelling say at leprestore than do it myself. I would have saved tons of free time!
Giving Just Cause 3 another go. Played it first on PS4 but it was near unplayable with the severe frame drops so I dropped it. However, with PS5 it's running at a locked 30 with no drops whatsoever, not even during the most intense explosions. And this game is so much fun. The traversal is very good, especially with the upgraded Rocket wingsuit you get from Sky Fortress. And the island of Medici looks so beautiful. The colors really pop on my 4K setup.
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Lately, just Destiny 2. I'm not like a huge Destiny player, but I was needing some sci-fi shooting action, and hadn't played with a buddy of mine in some time, so we've been playing.


The Lurking Hooman
Speaking of sci-fi shooting action: I have finally returned to Warframe after thinking I never would. Currently gearing up for the day that crossplay/save comes.

Not thinking about making the jump to PC yet but being able to play with some of the friends I've made over that side, including the missus will be a big incentive to actually play.
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 with the restored content mod.
It's pretty funny how Obsidian managed to make NV and KOTOR2 in little over a year and theyre both considered some of the best in their frenchises despite all the bugs


Woof? Woof
Gotten back into Final Fantasy XIV. Playing as a Summoner and OH MY GOD THE CARBUNCLE IS SO CUTE!


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Scary Teacher by link, because it's mindless and still fun as an adult. I'm never getting tired of playing this game. Amazing story, really fun gameplay, some of the best characters in gaming, and one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard.
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Oh heck yes! What a fun, positive thread. I don't have much time to play lately, so I'm juggling a dozen or so titles atm:
Conan Exiles
Dark Souls 1-3
Fallout 4
Apex Legends
Borderlands 2-3
Black Desert
The Sims 4