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What video game are you playing...


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Snowrunner, lots of fun but can be a time sink and frustrating depending on your decision making skill.
Monster Hunter: World, I mainly just respond to SOS flares and the occasional specific hunt for parts to make another weapon I don't need :p
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Do I need a friend for this game or can I play all the modes alone too? Do you like it so far?
Story mode and a few modes are single player

But many are local multiplayer.
Yeah its a very fun game, story mode is very short, so the main focus are the extra Multiplayer modes.

There is also a score based online mode where weekly chanlanges happen and you aim for the best scory online


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Death's Door. I want to hug its adorable crowtagonist❤
I bought Kena Bridge of Spirits today and its the antithesis of everything I fucking hate about games today. This really is a classic experience that I've been wanting to come back.

It's by the same people who made that Majora's Mask short years ago.

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Sam and Max: This Time It's Virtual.

Took me two sessions of VR to finish, and I'm kind of fortunate they have both "standing" and "sitting" modes because I prefer to play standing, BUT my ceiling is so low that I can't reach everything that way.

The developers have a decent understanding of how VR works... although my grip is a LITTLE finicky thanks to the gloves I have to wear due to that stupid low ceiling.

Believe it or not, VRChat climbing maps kind of prepared me for some of the challenges of this game. Unfortunately, the aiming on the guns is... well, I nearly have to break my wrist to aim even half properly most of the time. I guess that's why the gun stuff is generally so forgiving.

Also, there's a baseball minigame... and the two-handed stance I usually associate with a baseball bat swing does not work! It's too slow to hit anything. I have to whip the bat one-handed.

I still have to get "A" ranks on all the challenges and get the achievements, so I'm likely coming back to it.


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I continue to play Monster Hunter (largely in short bits, such as when on lunch break at work), haven't really started any new games of late.

(Tangent, there was that Nintendo Direct today and if you play MH then all you need to know about the Direct is one word: "Sunbreak". Not as if it occupied the entire Direct or anything, but because that's more or less all we know for now)