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What video game are you playing...


I have no idea what I'm doing
Doing a playthrough of Terraria as melee-summoner hybrid class.


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Judge Spear

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Playing Crysis 3. Generic Hollywood scifi military shlock but I like it a lot. Sometimes I just need a dumb big budget game like this.

First game put me to sleep but 2 and 3 are much more enjoyable to me.


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I've been playing Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, because I keep telling myself I should be playing it (especially before Sunbreak comes out in summer). I think my main criticism of the game is how slow the pace is in the early areas. A lot of the progression functionally boiled down to just: 1 - go out and explore somewhere, 2 - defeat a new monster, 3 - return to the village elder, 4 - rinse and repeat.

However, the pace DEFINITELY picked up when reaching the hunter city of Lulucion. No mandatory check-ins with a village elder as you tick quests off the plot's to-do list, and major story stuff happens as a result.
Okay, so at the end of the first chapter/area (and also the demo), you are given a special Rathalos egg, but have to flee from Hunters who are pursuing it for some reason, which takes you to the second village. After a LOT of sidequests and backstory exposition about the main character's grandfather and the legend of the "Wings of Ruin", the Rathalos egg hatches and this baby (subsequently named "Ratha") has black, malformed, nonfunctional winglimbs, but he's added to your team nonetheless as a Monstie and you are directed to find a Wyverian who might be able to seal whatever cataclysmic power he might have.

In the next area, you meet Avinia (a key NPC from the first game) and more sidequests happen (interspersed with a few more backstory drops). When another pit opens up and you're trying to fend off a Legiana, Ratha goes berserk, his wings energize with ominous black and purple energy, he flies off in a rampage and almost nukes Avinia's village before he's stopped by the Wyverian you were searching for. Not long after this you are captured by the hunters and Ratha is taken away.

At the hunter city, Lilia (returning from the first game) is leading the Scriveners here but clearly she does not enjoy her latest orders, though she instructs Reverto (also returning from the first game) to accompany you. Literally one quest / two new monsters later you hear there's trouble at "the lab" where Ratha was being kept. On the way over you are confronted by an ominous group of hostile Riders (dressed in full Anjanth armor) who insist you cannot interfere with their business. Anyway, tracking them across the desert region leads to a large ruined tower where you discover the villain (dressed in full Nergigante armor). Atop the tower they are loading Ratha onto an airship for transport who-knows-where and a major cinematic moment happens: Your character is able to barely steal away on the ship as it's leaving and confront them, but Ratha gets enraged, and in the ensuing commotion the main character is knocked off into freefall. Ratha breaks free of his restraints AND whatever ominous power malformed his wings, catches you and you all fly off to safety.

The Rathalos shown on the game's box art with the unique patterns on its wing membranes? Yep, that's your Ratha.

After this, Ena gives you one last backstory about how a Nergigante appeared near one of these pits, your grandfather's Rathalos (known as Guardian Ratha) tried to fight it but the ground opened up wider swallowing all three of them, though Ena found his Kinship Stone and Ratha survived, eventually returning to nest back at Hakolo Island.
Anyway, the team is cresting Lv.30 by now (though the previous boss, a Crimson Qurupeco alongside a Purple Daimyo Hermitaur, proved very dangerous without a fellow NPC accompanying my character into battle) and I've unlocked the "Fly" ability -- turns out other monsters like Yian Garuga and Paolumu (who were already obtainable) also have this ability, but it was locked for story/progression reasons (the monster showing a riding ability of "???", contrast with "---" for no ability at all).

Interestingly, though the villain is wearing full monster armor you are allowed to see the eyes behind the helmet (unlike the hostile riders in Anjanath armor), no doubt a foreshadowing (and plot twist?) of just who they are. I already have my guesses but we shall see when the time comes. In the meantime, I'm actually glad for the pace to calm down after the latest story development. I just wish it didn't take as long for the story to get exciting in the first place.

Firuthi Dragovic

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A little Game Jam game called "Mr. Maim".

Silly micro-sized arena shooter... where you're a mime, and literally miming a knife, shotgun, chainsaw, and grenades, with real results. Shoot the clowns and don't let them color you in.

I usually don't care much for Game Jam stuff but this one was so absurd that I had to go with it.


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I recently rediscovered Shipbreaker, since I now have a PC that's actually capable of playing it. Strange concept for a game, oddly compelling. You're a guy in an orbital ship dock, floating around in zero gravity, ripping apart old junk spaceships with various tools and feeding them into various recycling devices to make money. You can literally rip the whole thing to bits and scrap it if you're careful, though I usually end up feeding at least some of it into the wrong recycler and losing some value.

Not got very far yet because it's a very slow-paced game.

I'm also playing Dysmantle on PS5, but I'm nearly done with that now. Very good game, but I really wish they hadn't saved the best weapon until right at the end of the game when there's practically nothing left to do with it.

Judge Spear

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Friend got Master Duel. He was hype summoning Winged Dragon of Ra because he didn't believe me when I told him the Egyptian Gods are shit cards.

As if the wasteful summoning conditions weren't enough, Kaiju's showed him real quick.

Kit H. Ruppell

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Rivals of Aether

Baron Tredegar

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Played Spirit of the North and just started Ori and the Blind Forest for the first time today.

Judge Spear

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This isn't my screencap, but I've run into this recently and I cannot think of a more microwaved brain play.
Gold 3 and people still doing dumb panic shit like this.



Probably lurking.
This isn't my screencap, but I've run into this recently and I cannot think of a more microwaved brain play.
Gold 3 and people still doing dumb panic shit like this.

I would laugh at this but i've done it before years ago...


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Sonic Advance 2 (My cousin had that game when I was a kid, now I ordered a copy off of DKoldies, and am playing it myself)
Toy Story, SEGA Genesis (Playing on my Sega Genesis Nomad I bought on Ebay)
Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire. (Had the first one on GBC as a kid, now I'm playing the other one)


The Cat in the FAF
What can I do to improve this deck? Been playing Yugioh Master Duel as well and I lose *a lot*
I know red eyes isn't great but I wanna play as well as I can with Red Eyes cause I love Red Eyes Darkness Dragon and Red Eyes Flare Metal Dragon
Anything I can replace, remove, or add?
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What can I do to improve this deck? Been playing Yugioh Master Duel as well and I lose *a lot*
I know red eyes isn't great but I wanna play as well as I can with Red Eyes cause I love Red Eyes Darkness Dragon and Red Eyes Flare Metal Dragon
Im not familiar with red eyes decks in anyway, but at a brief glance you deck seems to be overloaded with cards that dont seem to do much, and with a 60 card deck you make it even harder to draw the good cards, so brining that number down to 40 will help alot. Cards such as blustering winds, rush recklessly, axe dragonute and a few others will probably not do much, and some of your traps whilst yeah they may make you live an extra turn they dont really do anything nor stop your opponent from doing what they want to. but that's all I can say for the deck at the moment as there are cards there I dont recognise/know what they do, nor do I know what you even want to play in a red-eyes deck.

Judge Spear

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I don't know the Red Eyes build that much either, but I'm going to tack onto Hiri in terms of cutting fat.
He's right. You are 20 cards way over and it's killing your deck consistency.
Get rid of Threatening Roar. If you're worried about your opponent hitting you, run Battle Fader instead since direct attacks are what really matter. This will actually at least put a monster on your board and is a hand trap that can't be hit by Called by the Grave (which you should also be running 2 of to stop Ash Blossom, her friends, Maxx "C", and other discard hand traps).

If your deck pops off in the GY a lot, ditch MST in favor of Twin Twisters.
Get rid of Dark Hole. Lightning Storm and Raigeki are enough. Even with those, I'd say pick one or the other and replace one with Harpie's Feather Duster for backrow.

Ditch Blustering Winds. It's only spell speed 1 and 1000 atk/def doesn't justify neither being a brick in the hand nor advancing your board. That difference won't win you that many games. You already run dragons which hit hard as it is.

Get rid of Mirror Force. It's an appealing card with niche use, but most remotely meta decks go off in the GY. If you were to use this against Tri-Brigade for example, you would be dead the next turn.

Put 2 Dragon Shrine and 3 Allure of Darkness in to speed up your deck. You might want to experiment with Trade-In. One Dragon Ravine would be useful since many Red Eyes cards bring out each other from the GY.

Replace Bottomless with Solemn Strike. Strike will negate the setup entirely while Bottomless is slower and can be negated by some monsters you want to stop with it in the first place. Ash Blossom will also take care of what Bottomless does sooner if you use her correctly. Ring of Destruction is also outclassed by these. Basically you want to identify and stop the big plays outright as often as possible.

You want your deck to generally look like this.

Consistent and trying to do one task with very few outlying tech cards that don't fit into your win condition. My deck is designed to get a huge monster as fast as possible and kill you in 4 cards. Everything else is there to facilitate this or be complimentary back up should something go wrong.

Staples to consider:

Gameceil the Sea Turtle Kaiju - Completely goes over monsters that cannot be destroyed by battle, card effects, targeting effects, and summoning negation. This will get rid of any monster that has locked you down unless another card denies tributes or summoning monsters with certain stats.
Infinite Impermanence - Can be a hand trap to stop a monster in it's tracks.
Nibiru the Primal Being - Punishes greedy players that special summon a lot in one turn.
Maxx "C" - Rewards you against greedy players that special summon a lot in one turn.
PSY-Framegear Gamma - Negates monster effects and destroys the monster if you're empty and gives temporary defense if you run the Driver with it. All for the cost of one card.
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