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What was everyone's first thread about? (not including introduction)


Galactic Overlord
I can't remember my first thread here, but my first thread of all time was on IncrediBots about the game Amorphous+. I made that thread on November 29th of 2008. I was such a fuckin moron back then haha.


I haven't started many threads... xD

My first was about an ethnography about furries I was writing. I mainly lurked before then.


Simply amazing.
Most people remember my first post, especially those who were around in May 2012. I did a post about my then-husband being a complete jackoff who went batshit crazy on me when I told him I was a furry which involved a throwing of furniture cliche.

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
I think it was about comics that tackled unusual topics. No one ever responded. ;_;

The first they ever did respond to was called "What would you want God to say at the Pearly Gates?" To this day, its one of my fav OPs.


Hit 'em right between the eyes
I don't remember. Let's have a look..

Well I can't find anything past 2013. Clearly the forums can't handle the magnitude of my awesome.


Probably something really stupid.


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Mine was asking for critique on a picture I was drawing.
A cringey thread asking if there were any other furs in my area. Was almost scared away from the forums after a mere not-so-positive two responses. Ugh.


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I don't remember. Let's have a look..

Well I can't find anything past 2013. Clearly the forums can't handle the magnitude of my awesome.

I don't think the forum cares to remember.

If you have been here for more than 3 years, it's sometimes better that way.


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Never started one |:

Logan Who

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Same here, never started one besides my introduction thread... I am a lurker xD
Might be because I am too scared to ask stupid questions, or doubt it would be an interesting topic... I'm still too new to it all and too green to come up with interesting stuff you folks around here haven't already seen.


Well...you tried
It was a generic bio form thread i made before i actually had a 'sona so i could write down any idea i had for my terrible OCs and update them whenever i wanted (shitty old computer didn't even have Microsoft Word back then). I've written down tonnes of ideas for OCs that i've since abandoned and deleted any trace of (all that time spent looking up trials by ordeal, gay conversion camps, the distribution of Roman Catholics in Ukraine and America and coming up with a genocidal PETA conspiracy theory involving mind controlling cherries for nothing) and now i've settled on Erebus it's full of ideas about him, his world and the people he hallucinates that i still need to flesh out. Thank Christ for the edit post button.