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What was/is your Highschool Playlist like?


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I didn't have a whole lot of money or choice. I also came from the times where we lived in a town with one radio station and it played incredibly bland and unenergetic songs like Big yellow taxi. Imagine living in a place where you have to listen to similar songs to that, with no variety between dance/rock or even country. I was basically stuck listening to the CD's mom and dad had collected over the years (80s and 90s dance, things like aqua) and a lot of r&b. Spice girls. Backstreet boys. Ricky martin. Later, near the end of highschool, it was mixed between K-pop, technoey songs and anything I could uncover because I could finally listen to something new and DIFFERENT.

I should be in bed right now, so I'll definitely update with my own personal answers later, but I'm curious to see what your 'top 5 played' would be. You're not limited to five of course. Just Xenforo only lets you post 5 medias at a time. X)

I WILL give you a taste of the DJ's playlist at every highschool dance I went to though...

Edit: Oh dang. Some of y'all are helpin' me remember.
3 Days Grace, Celldweller, Superjunior, Schnuffel Bunny, the memes of the time, like Caramel Dansen...

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Kit H. Ruppell

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I think my top five bands were...

1. Linkin Park
2. Three Days Grace
3. Rise Against
4. Korn
5. Celldweller


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With the exception of Rise Against, all of those were on mine

Yeah BMTH almost took Rise Against's spot but I listened to so much more Rise Against back then.
I'm honor bound to include them. :p


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I'll go with Senior year because that's what I actually remember. In no particular order:

The Fray
The V for Vendetta soundtrack
Kaizers Orchestra (Norwegian folk-rock band that I got into somehow)
A smattering of classical music, mainly the songs that featured in Evangelion


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well i don't feel like i belong here

All music is acceptable. If yours doesn't fit the current trend, you might find another Furry more willing to post your kind of stuff after you share it. If you makes you feel any better, the above playlist was actually more middle school than highschool. The amount of times I listened to Untouched by The Veronicas is embarrassing lol.


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In the first few years of high school, I mostly just listened to pop ballads. Though when I was doing my GCSEs, my music taste did a complete 180 and I started listening to hard rock and metal — the same stuff I like nowadays.