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What was one of your first PC games? (I hope it's right place for this thread)


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Definitely this old pal. Probably everyone had it on their PCs in the past.



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River Raid on Atari 65XE. So yeah, even before PCs became a thing where I live.

But an actual PC game? Probably Duke Nukem 3D.
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Baron Tredegar

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Definitely this old pal. Probably everyone had it on their PCs in the past.

Well that unlocks some memories.

Probably this game was the first I truly played on a pc:


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I think I got you all beat maybe. I owned a Magnavox PONG machine, hooked up to a TV via RCA to antenna adapter for me and my sister to play.

It technically has a PC in there, right? <lol> Other than that, does a commodore 64 count as a "PC"?

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Firuthi Dragovic

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I could pick from a large number of possible games as I was around for the DOS era proper...

...but as for an unusual one I remember fairly well, how about Moraff's Stones?


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I have no idea which was my first game, but I remember my dad bringing a floppy disk home and playing Secret Agent with him. Never got to finish the game, but the sound effects make me so nostalgic <3



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My First PC game was Need for speed underground 2. My dad just bought this game for me.
its because I tires to drive my father car meanwhile my dad driving car, while I was baby.
The first experience that I play something called "Video game". on 1 floor house, I don't remember what extractly look like.
it's was soooooo long time!


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My first computer game was a floppy disk I got from my uncle in the 80s who worked for Ford called Ford simulator I think


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Back when I was like 3 our family computer had Doom, DX-Ball & one of the Putt-Putt games. One of those was my first PC game (can't remember which).


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First ever PC game? Hmm..

Warcraft III.