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What was the last album you listened to?


Banana Party
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Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears
Lustmord is dark ambient.

Whatever you were expecting was wrong.

Sorry, no bass drops.

Almost didn't see the :V there :p

I knew nothing of the band going in, so when I got that I was...perplexed. Also didn't know "Dark ambient" was a thing, so I just learned something.

Not my cup o tea though. Not at all.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
After finally exhausted listening to Deadmau5's 'insert album title here', I played this:

The Best of STR: House & Techno

1991, baby!

Got it for $5.99 at the last place I'd find anything remotely similar: a local music store. I have no idea how did those people wind up with this and other CDs of similar vintage. I'm missing the 3rd volume, BTW.
H3llb3nt - (2001) Regurgitator
Industrial pop, american coldwave, Eric-Powell's-deliciously-mediocre-voice-core

A compilation of the tracks from '0.01' and 'Helium' released by Invisible Records shortly after the release of 'Hardcore Vanilla'. Includes one new track called 'Spaz' and a new remix of 'Forget You' by Martin Atkins.


Sample - H3llb3nt - Chromed
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Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears
Red by Taylor Swift.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - (1998) F♯A♯∞
Post-rock, ambient, post-apocalyptic, depressing as fuck

"... we're taking over the country as of tomorrow. All right? That's it... I've taken a contract on the head of the CIA. He's dead in six months unless he quits. This is it... I don't trust nobody. I'd kill you all as soon as look at you, I've got a hammer... where's my hammer?..."

- John Train (1976)


Sample: GY!BE - The Dead Flag Blues
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H3llb3nt - (2001) Hardcore Vanilla
Industrial, american coldwave, the best album ever

A collaboration between a number of industrial artists such as Eric Powell (16Volt), Jared Louche (Chemlab), Bryan Black (Haloblack), and Charles Levi (My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult). Very prominent sexual themes throughout the album, especially in the final third. It's pretty hard to describe the overall sound because it's so varied.

Sorry for the short description. I'm not in the mood for typing so I just ripped it from my /mu/ share description.


Sample: H3llb3nt - Heliophobic
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Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Remember that song from the movie Space Jam, The one with the lyric "Get ready for this"?

It comes from this duo from this album:


I got the import version, like the one above, but with the song list moved to the upper left and with bits of Japanese lettering. It's different in content than the US CD release. Maybe I should get that one, too...

The lyrics are so bad, they're awesome. I just giggle at some of them, especially the ballads. But the beats...!!

Though they lied about the instrumental version of The Workaholic. It's a cleaner version. I laugh when they say the only bad word in the entire album in the other version of the song.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Bought this album just for the sake of neat album cover. It turned out to be a wonderful album and I listened to it 7 times in a day.
E: Wow, all youtube versions suck. Blurry as phuque, and too much bass. Oh well, you get the idea.
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Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears
Captain Morgan's Revenge by Alestorm. SO GOOD