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What was the last album you listened to?


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I've adopted this system on Last.fm where I pick my favorite track for every full album I scrobble, and "love" said track. It really helps me remember which songs I liked in particular, yet it keeps me from going overboard where I end up "loving" every track I like like I used to. Binary rating systems are so confusing.

I really liked 'Deadman DJ' from Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006, and so far I'd say my favorite album was Shitfuckers!!! just because I felt the tracks synced up really nicely with each other. I still have a lot more albums to scrobble, plus my opinion of an album can change pretty drastically with every listen.

yeah the binary rating system is pretty pointless. i've accidentally "loved" way more tracks than i legitimately love due to my terrible media player; so it's kind of become meaningless for me now. but whatever, i try to listen by the album anyways.

dude, Deadman DJ is such a good track; the vocal samples crack me up. hell, Venetian Snares rarely disappoints


Came to the conclusion that this album is essentially perfect. Throw it on and just have a grand old time.

you talking the Lamb Lies Down? because this is true

most recent album:
Irezumi - Enduranceambient, listened to this on a long walk home through the snow...f-ing perfect


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"Mousetrap Heart" by Thirsty Merc (2010)
Rock, Art Music I guess (the lead singer is a trained/freakin' amazing Jazz pianist).
"All My Life" is probably a music video worth watching, too.


Tesseract - Perspective ep.

Really digging Dream Brother, I always though they would sound great with acoustics
Front Line Assembly - (2007) Fallout
EBM, electro-industrial, remixed industrial metal

A compilation album by Front Line Assembly that was released before their three year hiatus. Features really aggressive EBM remixes of tracks from 'Artificial Soldier' by bands such as Combichrist and DJ? Acucrack, as well as a few new tracks. A nice brief change from their usual stuff. If you liked 'FLAvour of the Weak' you'll surely like this.


Sample: Front Line Assembly - Electric Dreams


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Just a poke (1970) ~ Sweet Smoke

Progressive Rock - Jazz Fusion

And here is the entire album, up on youtube.