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What was the last Anime/Show you watched?


Mostly Harmless.
Pretty simple concept, just say what Anime and or Show you last watched was.
Ill go first.

I last watched Kinguobuzahiru, which is the best anime known to man. Its about a man named Hankuhiru and his escapades in the fictional town Arlen. His comrades include Dēru Guriburu, Biru Dōtarību, and Jefu Būmuhauā, incorporating fun adventures with other characters such as Hankuhiru's wife and son, Pegīhiru and Bobīhiru. Amazing show, would recommend watching it.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! Specifically, the episode where Iggy is fighting the Ice Birb, Pet Shop. Poor Iggy... at least there's amputee representation now. ;~;


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I haven't watched an anime since Beastars season 2.

I liked the first season but I was totally done with season 2 when Louis begged Legosi to eat him. That was too fucked.

Sven Solitude

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Tokyo Revengers! When I discovered it, there were already 16 episodes. It was so good, I watched them within 2 days! Speaking of which, there are 3 new episodes I have yet to watch. ^o^ It's difficult to wait for new episodes when a show is so good, so I try not to think about it, haha...
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! Specifically, the episode where Iggy is fighting the Ice Birb, Pet Shop. Poor Iggy... at least there's amputee representation now. ;~;
Ugh, I stayed up until 1am to watch the ending of Jojo's part 3 and... I'm very dissatisfied. Dio was ended by a punch in the shin? Really? I might be sick for saying it, but I was really hoping the narcissistic sociopath would suffer more than that before the end. It was way quicker and painless than Dio deserved. I wanted to watch him blubber like a poon again like he did in part 1 when Jonathan beat him up. The journey to this point was fun, but the destination sucked. o_O


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Vinland Saga is pretty good.


Currently rewatching Orange is the New Black for the second time!
along side of obsessing over The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise but that's not a show

Jackpot Raccuki

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Decided to watch Avatar Last Air Bender.
It was certainly a great show., can’t say same for Legend of Korra, but eh.


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Going to be finishing up with RWBY disc 2 when I get back home later this week.

Ash Sukea

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Anime: currently working my way through OddTaxi. Set in an anthro world a grumpy, independent taxi driver interacts with the characters who get in the back of his cab. And there’s a missing girl with a connection to a crime boss he might be able to figure out where she is by talking to his passengers.

Show: Heartland Vet DVM. Follows a real life country veterinarian family in rural Nebraska as they make their rounds and tend to animal patients. Not for the faint of heart or stomach.
You’ll laugh: Watch the kittens play! See the over eager dog get reunited with it’s owner!
You’ll groan: The husband isn’t afraid to dole out the lame one-liners and dad jokes.
You’ll cry: See animals in pain from illness or injury. There are a few animals they’re unable to save despite trying everything possible. Despite being Disney there is onscreen death.
You’ll hurl: they don’t shy away from things like tumor removal, a prolapsed uterus, or lanced boils geysering pus.

Miles Marsalis

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I've been watching Foundation on Apple+, which has been amazing so far. The plot deviates from the books, but it's a pragmatic adaption that I think Isaac Asimov would have liked.

What I like most about the series beside the sheer breadth of it is how it shows characters, particularly academics, using their minds to solve problems as opposed to turning to violence as a first resort. Hari Sheldon and Gaal Dornick are my favorite characters.

I wish there was more mathematics in the plot, but maybe that will improve in later episodes.