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What was the last Anime/Show you watched?


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Yeah... just bought the season 1 manga. Watched like 3 episodes of season 2- nope, we're done. Sucks, as this <had> been a very good series.


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Since we're giving out animu hot takes.

Cell is the best Dragonball villain by a long shot. Frieza aint got nothing on him.

Also since I am a massive nostalgia loving manchild, I've seen Dragonball Super.
Couple of Dragonball Super hot takes:
Goku is a massively unlikable dickhead in the Tournamnet of Power.
Them bringing back Frieza in that arc was some hardcore fanservicing, but the geeky fanboy in me loved to see it anyways.
Zeno is by far the most obnoxious character in the history of the franchise and somehow they thought it was a good idea to add another one. They come across as some sort of dig at the audience for the show, made all the more grating by hearing them inanely jabber with absolute nothing comments constantly. I wouldn't have minded if they got evaporated by a stray energy blast.

Manchild mode disengage. Snorts and pushes up glasses indignantly.
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I know! The Frieza Saga was a good because of Goku going into super saiyan the first time, but Cell was great. Like, the gang tried to beat him before going perfect (Thanks Vegeta) and when he became perfect Cell, that cocky attitude was amazing.
The Frieza saga was good, but the Cell saga was something else. Like, he was the culmination of everything before. He had Goku's Kamehameha, Friezas Death beam, even Goku's instant transmission near the end. All with some of the same traits too, he was as cunning as Piccolo, has the same lust for battles as the Saiyans, as ruthless as Frieza. The ultimate combination of all the strongest fighters from the past, all while looking pretty damn cool!

Mad Respect.
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I have been indulging myself with Overlord IV and Isekai Ojisan, but the isekai I'm most looking forward to is the last season of Log Horizon *-*

I'm re-watching Ascendance of a Bookworm. I watched 3 seasons, then read the novel, and now I'm watching the series for the second time. The book is much better. I also follow the ongoing Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun.
Oooh, that bookworm one seems interesting! Will search for the books here :3


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LMFAO If that's true. And here I thought Disney making live actions versions of their own animated movies was bad.


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Last one I saw was a while ago and it was called Ergo Proxy? I think that's what it was. Pretty sweet post apoc civilization in the sky machine overlord and look there's a planet down there we know nothing about discovery of a lifetime journey movie. Yeah, was a good one.


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I've been rewatching Maison Ikkoku lately- Rumiko Takahashi's works are some of my favorite, but this story in particular is always such a joy to revisit. If you're ever looking for a seinen slice of life romcom with a great cast of characters and a longrunning storyline, I'd highly recommend it! So much heart.

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I didnt know Mappy had a cartoon in 2013 so I'm watching that. Its a very JG Quintel webtoon type thing. Very sarcastic take on the character. DigDug and Sky Kid are also in it.


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Currently me and a friend are watching Chargeman Ken and laughing at its ridiculousness.

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I've been watching Spy x Family off and on with the housemates, which I've liked since it has a nice mix of humor and action. I've also been watching The Terminal List with a friend since I've got Prime and people were talking about it at the VA when he was there. So far, this series is wild.

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Currently bouncing back and forth between Legend of Korra and ATLA. Started off with Korra--I had only watched the first season when it first came out, and decided I finally wanted to see the whole thing. Finished the third season and suddenly veered off and decided I wanted to re-watch all of ATLA first--currently halfway through season two. Plan to watch the last season of Korra after finishing ATLA. Just feels right.

It's kind of weird, but all the bending in ATLA seems super weak after watching three seasons of Korra? I guess that makes sense though--the main characters are younger and less trained. My partner pointed out that the war in ATLA seriously inhibited most people from training to the top of their abilities as well. (Air bending was lost completely, southern water bending nearly lost, earth benders frequently got cut off from each other as well, practically no one was learning from other styles [leading to stagnation], a lot of old knowledge was suppressed by the Fire Nation or simply lost when its practitioners died or went into hiding.)

If that doesn't count, my last "proper" anime was my annual re-watch of Princess Mononoke a few months ago.


slightly confused, mostly fun loving Protogen
Hazbin Hotel.
How did I NOT know about this show sooner???


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Started rewatching Soul Eater recently. Does that count?