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What was the last furry dream you had?


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I just had a mostly furry dream, it seemed to be about a very large festival/fair on a big beach, and anthros were going to it and working there. I remember everybody could fly in the dream, and some of the rides/activities involved transformation. There also was a huuuuge fursuit, latex suit, and other furry memorabilia shopping center. Overall the dream was fun but abit sad when i woke up cause like how long will i need to wait to be able to do that IRL?

Anyway, what furry dreams have you had lately? :3


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Sadly enough, I'm not sure I've ever had a furry related dream. I'm terrible at remembering dreams, though. Now that you put this in my mind I may get to experience one!


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But, I had lucid dreams that helped me creating the scenes from specific topics on the chapters of my story
...I had lost one of my sonas, after he met the best moment of his life....and he didn't even say goodbye


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While I didn't had any furry dreams, I tend to have dreams of Poland-Lithuania and my character is based on this place.

It still counts, right?


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So, I have had only one furry dream but it actually wasn't a furry dream if I'm honest but this is it. Btw it's really boring so don't read if you don't like boring things.

I was in my school but it was a little different. (A normal dream things.) I was with some dude, I don't even know who he was but whatever. I went to the gym and it was very different. I looked it a little bit and went to the locker rooms. There is a hallway where you can get to the locker rooms. Me and the other guy went through the hallway and then I said "No wonder I had such a good vision. I didn't have my fursuit head on my head." It was sitting on top of my head and it was made of the really cheap plastic. I slid the mask on my head and... then it ended.

Yeah, not that exciting and like I said it really wasn't a furry dream but who cares?

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Throughout my years in the fandom, I have only had one furry dream, and it was recent... maybe some 2-3 weeks ago.

It was a yiff dream.


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I don't think I've ever had a furry dream. I mean, I'd like to, but heck, I only had my first dream that didn't have a real life looking setting after I had surgery in February this year. It sort of looked like the environment in Hiveswap Friendsim... and I hadn't even played it yet. (Obviously it was not exact. Also I played it as a means of recovery, my hubs and wife and I all sat together and I read dialogue and gave voices, and they picked paths. Lots of fun actually). I've never had a cartoony styled dream. So maybe there's furry dreams in my future!


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I dreamed that Aristotle painted murals in a church, bet he didn't like the church, so he took scissors and destroyed the church. Then he adopted a dog.


The last dream I had that involved furries as a main theme was one where I was in a classroom for some reason (I occasionally still have dreams with classrooms despite being out of high school for a few years now) and there was a group of furries there, one of them in a blue and white wolf fursuit. This was like a week or so ago. I don't really have dreams about furry stuff that often though.

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I just had a dream that I was swimming in the ocean with a pack of wolves, in a V formation. My dogs were in the pack, too, but they kept breaking formation.


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The last 'furry' dream I had was based off a book.
I got out a passenger dropship at a spaceport, and I was some sort of cadet for the military. I was a human, but I was apart of an alien federation, in which humans were begrudgingly accepted as a client species too. The aliens resembled hamsters and the only reason they accepted humans was because we got screwed over and cut off from Earth. In my dream, this happened 20 years ago and I was a new generation born on the planet.
I don't know, I just did a bunch of errands and stuff.

All in all, it was interesting.

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The last furry dream I had I woke up in a cold sweat, and that was years ago.


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It was really weird, I've only had one in my entire life and it was earlier last year and I remember specifically it was me at a convention and I was wearing a female white and hot pink fursuit and I was walking around with the head on and everything. Woke up and reevaluated my life decisions.


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Not sure if it counts, but a lot of times in my dreams, I am wearing my ears and tail and fangs but I then realize they aren't a costume but actually me.


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I've had plenty of dreams featuring talking/anthropomorphic animals, but it was only a couple years ago that I had a dream about actual furries, I.E. people in the furry fandom. Or rather, a cult of insane fursuiters.

I dreamed that this group of about a dozen or so fursuiters appeared in my backyard, and asked if I wanted to join them and "become a tiger". I told them I already had a fursona, but they ignored me, grabbed me, and the next thing I know I was in this old abandoned parking garage. All over the walls were newspaper clippings featuring photos of the fursuiters performing horrible acts like burning buildings and kidnapping people. They reappeared from a corner and told me that they wanted to "show the world the truth", and brought out a syringe full of green liquid and tried to stick me with it. Though I didn't see it, I knew that these fursuiters weren't normal humans underneath their costumes, but mutated humans whose bodies were twisted and grown into horrible facsimiles of their suits (like, imagine taking a human head and carelessly stretching it into the shape of a dog's head). They let me go when I asked if I could go to the bathroom first, and I ran as fast as I could down a hallway. I woke up after finding an actual bathroom and trying to find something to use as a weapon.