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What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?



The Colour of Magic

Disappointing. Far too long and ponderous, and nowhere near as amusing as the books.


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Robocop 2 and 3.




I'm pretty sure it was Quigley Down Under. It was okay.


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If your talking about in theatre's, I don't remember what the last one I saw was, but as for movies in general, the last one I watched was Osama


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The last movie i saw was The Godfather.

But I didn't see that with my eyes, so I dont think it counts.


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I heard of the new Disney 2D animation film. Quite controversial, it is.


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Outlander. In a nutshell:

Humanoid alien crash lands in 700AD Norway, his ship contains bioluminesent Dragon monster that runs amok killing of the population of numerous villages. Said huminoid alien is captured by some local village and they end up hatching a plan to kill this monster.

And Ron Pearlman is in it, looking like a butch, Nordic Victor Meldrew 8D


Crank, the original. Watching it now. :D


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The last movie I've seen was The Watchmen. I didn't read the comics, but I thought the movie was really good.


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The irredeemably awful piece of garbage that was The Uninvited.

I'm not even going to get into what's wrong with this, but I will say out of all three "haunted house" movies that premiered in the UK recently, it's the worst by far.

Not only did the ending piss me off, but the badness of the movie was actually reduced by the fact I'd seen an even worse movie the same week!

The Unborn.

Just when you think the film couldn't get any sillier - they chuck in a secret Nazi experiment plot twist. You wouldn't go too wrong by avoiding this movie.

Avoiding it like you would someone offering you free broken glass sandwiches.

As sad as this may sound, The Uninvited makes me miss The Unborn.

Wasn't it great how the ghost in The Unborn takes so long to kill one victim that the main characters can drive to her house and get in through the back door, but later he kills a guy in two seconds by barely lifting a finger.

And why? Well, Michael Bay was involved, so the reason was probably "it looked cool".

And what about how the possessed guys' heads turn upside down? That was as scary as Family Guy!
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Do not eat this tyrannosaurus.
Well of course, people can only suffer any kind of injury directly from the main threat, and only if gore is involved. Anything else would "make the movie too complicated"!

I wonder if the filmmaker's reasoning was "well if she was injured and there was no blood, how will the audience understand what happened?"

Even the old man behind my seat at The Uninvited managed to be scarier. (Then again, he did have a tendency to grab my seat and shout inaudibly)
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