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What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
I watched Kick-Ass the other day.
It was actually really good. I previously thought that it was some sort of spoof movie, not something with a proper narrative!
Don't watch the second one, it will dissapoint you mucho grande.

Last movie I saw was Good Burger.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Jackass Number Two
If I hadn't been drunk, I think I would have walked out several times.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Big Stan:

I've never heard of this movie until a buddy of mine showed it to me and we watched it. As far as Rob Schneider flicks go, this one's pretty good. And there are many great lines:

Stan Minton: Damn it man, I'm rich! I wanted some of that O.J. Justice.

Stan Minton: [shouting] I will be unrape-able!

The Master: Next time use more tongue.
Stan Minton: That's what she said.
[The Master punches Stan in the stomach]

I could go on.

I've also seen part of Air Bud: World Pup and Disney's Tarzan. Clearly, the former is for little kids. Tarzan, OTOH... the feels, bro.
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Don't watch the second one, it will dissapoint you mucho grande.
Ah, well I just watched that film with my family last night. It was.. entertaining, but in a different way.
Less of the serious stuff, but there were comedic stupid villains instead of a gangster mafia. That's it in a nutshell.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
One Piece Film: Strong World:

Yes, they dressed up like that. Yes, they used guns, but only briefly. Yes, it's a jigsaw puzzle box art, but it's cooler than most of the other pics.
The 10th One Piece movie. Eiichiro Oda, One Piece's creator, wrote and oversaw its making.
The crew face a former rival of Gol D. Roger, one who's been mentioned and appeared briefly in the series.

I'm In Love With a Church Girl:

If only finding the right girl in church was that easy...
Saw this one in Spanish. A good movie, though at near 2 hours, I found it to be a bit long. It's got some rough edges (it brings up some questions), but it's a solid cinematic production. It may bring up the free will vs. predestination debate.
If only finding a girl in church was that easy...


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
The Butler:

What the main character had to go through in the first scenes of the movie is one of the most hardcore I've ever seen, which being based on a true story, makes it even more staggering.
My only complaint is that they chose some actors that barely looked like the characters they were playing (mostly the Presidents).
To a lesser extent, they skimmed over the "unpopular" Presidents like Ford and Carter (you mean to tell me nothing was worth telling during their respective stays at the White House?). Yeah, I know they're time constraints, but still...

The LEGO Movie:

I loved Benny. He was great.
My thoughts found here: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threa...t-Lego-Movie?p=4559163&viewfull=1#post4559163

The Book of Ruth - Journey of Faith:

It was really slow, but it picks up a third of the way in.


Ice cream is the only way
The first Matrix. I admire the action scenes as much as the other fan does, but what always gets me is the in-depth philosophy of the first two movies.


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Watched A Scanner Darkly about this time last night. Loved Robert Downey Jr's performance, and Woody Harrelson was hilarious. Overall 7.5/10


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Last one I watched was Dancer in the Dark.
Cried my eye sockets dry.


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Game of Thrones Season One on blue-ray. I've seen the whole series, introducing my husband too it. ^^

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
Game of Thrones Season One on blue-ray. I've seen the whole series, introducing my husband too it. ^^
My husband and his friend tried getting me into it, I just dont have the interest. My friends and family always talking about it kinda ruined it for me I guess, same with all the spoofs I've seen on TV.

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Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
RoboCop (2014):

I really liked it. Could've used one more action scene and it would've been be even better. Maybe a tinge of editing, but otherwise very good.
To say that seeing RoboCop without his armor was impressive is an understatement. Even heard a little kid crying right when he was shown in the flesh -so to speak- for the second time.
There's still social criticism, but it's more subtle.
Yes, it's 'PG-13' vs the original's 'R', but there's no need to push the violence envelope (it's unnecessary).
This movie had me thinking of the RoboCop franchise as a whole. There's untapped potential here for great stories. It makes me want to check out the old cartoon series as well as the comic books. Even the original movie sequels that I haven't seen.


Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Saw it was on Netflix and thought I'd watch it for shits and giggles while I eat dinner. Forgot how cheap the special effects were, haha. That bit about kissing grandma is still horrifying though.


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Just watched the film Red. Hell, it was awesome!

This gets me thinking- In modern-day action movies, the hero normally uses a gun as their weapon. But what I'd like to see is a hero using say, a grenade launcher! Y'know, just directly hitting the bad guys and making them explode. A grenade to the face is sure to be spectacular!


Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears
Last movie I watched was Jackie Brown. Can't go wrong with Tarentino. Bit more subdued than some of his other flicks, but it was a fun movie.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
The Lego Movie

A certain 'realm' in the film's fictional world reminded me why I don't leave FA