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What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

Art Vulpine

Art Vulpine
Sin City - A Dame to Kill For
Wasn't as good as the first Sin City, but still pretty interesting - 4/5 stars.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Initial D - Third Stage:

It's the movie (the animated one, not the underwhelming live-action one or the new one that's yet to arrive). If you're not interested in watching the anime, at least watch the movie. The animation is superb (2.5 races, though they might feel short) and there's something for everyone (action, romance, etc.).
Memo to myself: Get a legit copy.


A surprisingly good Japanese movie. Bittersweet ending, though. Oh, and loads of 300-style CGI. It starts with this shinobi-turned master thief, who uncovers a conspiracy involving his master's death. This will not only affect him, but those around him, including those whose connections he thought he severed.
It was interesting to see European architectural influence in one of the character's castle.
They're missing the kid in the movie on the pic above, which is far more relevant than one of the characters shown there.

The Hundred Foot Journey:

Really well-made movie. And a breath of fresh air, which just so happens to carry a whiff of culinary masterpieces. If you don't fancy something to eat after watching, even after eating over-priced popcorn and soda, you're not alive.
I'm surprised that this got a regular theatrical release instead of a limited one in select theaters (the type that play foreign films and the like).
My only quip was that the town was hopelessly French (vintage Citroens everywhere!). Maybe they are like that after all...


Writer extraordinaire
My only quip was that the town was hopelessly French (vintage Citroens everywhere!). Maybe they are like that after all...

Erm... No. There are more Renault than Citroens and there are more 1990's-to-now cars than old models.
Anyway, went to see Guardians once again and seriously love its writing. Same with 22, Jump Street. The intro is one of the best self-referential scenes of the decade. It was dumb, yes, but intelligently dumb and I loved every second of it.


Feed Me Pizza
Nuucat and I sat down and watched Rio. She has never seen it so I thought it was about time, now we can watch the second movie and she won't be lost.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Christmas came by for a visit early this year...

The Christmas Shoes:

Surprisingly, it's not your typical Chirstmas movie. You know, with the "Christmas miracle" coming in to save the day. No. There's pain here. The "Chistmas miracle" here would be how they cope with the hardships and move on without letting it ruin the holidays.

The Chistmas Blessing:

The sequel to the movie mentioned before. Yes, that's Neil Patrick Harris. He was great. Yes, that's Angus T. Young. He was also great, IMO. It definitely holds its own with the first movie. The same description applies.

Leaving Christmas, but continuing with the feels...

Molokai - The Story of Father Damien:

A priest volunteers to go to the leper colony of Molokai to ease the pain -both physically and spiritually- of 1000+ people, fighting for their rights and against bureaucracy on many levels.
I've heard about the man, and therefore knew how the movie would end. Despite that, it's a great inspirational story. The beauty of the island contrasted massively with the pain portrayed by the lepers, some which I suspect were real lepers were used. That make-up workd looked too good and too real for a made-to-TV movie. That'd be HARDCORE.
Despite its flaws, the movie is an overlooked window to another time.

Be thankful for modern medicine.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
The Great Race:

Bitter early 20th-century stunt rivals (and a motor-mouth so-called reporter dame) set out on a race that will take them from New York to Paris.
I haven't seen this movie in years! When Mom rented it, I watched it twice despite being a long movie. I remember plenty, but definitely not all of it.
The villains are great! The scenery is beautiful and all the special fx and stuntwork are well thought out.
You'll enjoy every minute of it.
You will find something that you will like.

Predator 2:

It wasn't as good as the first one, but not the worst film featuring the Predator. I blame some of the cast and the whole dystopian view of the near future that gave off a Robocop feel to it. Maybe if it didn't feel so... overkill. Then again, I bet there are folks who believe the movie predicted 1997 Los Angeles spot on.
Still, it made me consider checking out the Predator franchise.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Saw some on the plane.

Fantastic Mr Fox: Pretty decent, and Mr Fox's son is adorable.
Inglorious Bastards: Finally got to see where those reaction gifs came from. Good shit.
Hot Fuzz: Not as good as Shaun of the Dead, but still good fun
300: Rise of an Empire: More of the same

Also watched Godzilla and Life of Brian again.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Star Trek (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto).


In terms of movies I've heard of: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

I wanted to see this movie ever since I first layed my eyes on the preview in theaters. I still haven't gotten around to watching it.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Star Trek Into Darkness.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
The Maze Runner
Lots of annoying fictional slang.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Get Smart:

Saw it in Spanish with the family (they like it. I don't). They really took some liberties in the translation.
I would've rather watched the entire original series (I've seen two episodes, and I know the series is good). They try too hard to be funny with their dialogue. Both in English and Spanish. Got old quick.

Tenchi Muyo! (Tenchi the Movie 2) The Daughter of Darkness:


The last Tenchi movie that I was missing. Jeez, did the makers sat around and discussed: 'What is missing? I know, an ambiguosly incestous relationship! People will like that!' That's what I thought of, initially after watching.
So yeah, the new character is apprently Tenchi's daughter (they explain it in the movie, duh). Needless to say, this turns Tenchi and co.'s world (further) upside-down, because something's off on the girl's behavior.
This isn't the last movie that Grandfather's old life came back to haunt them.
The ending is a tear-jerker, but in a good way.

One Piece - Film Z:

Is this the most over-hyped One Piece movie to date? Probably. They could've made the antagonist's change of heart at the end more convincing, but I applaud that they didn't dwell too deeply on his back story as they would in the series.

The Great Train Robbery:

Wanted to watch another film, watched this instead. Regret nothing.
Have you ever seen Sean Connery pelvic thrust? This is your chance. He is the man.
The film sequence and stunt work are AMAZING!


It's all fun and games...
This Is Where I Leave You

Surprisingly good. Definitely recommend it for dysfunctional Jewish families.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
10/10 - Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.
10/11 - I Robot.
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The Double. Interesting, slow but it works cause it's very Russian. Not sure if I like the optimistic ending though, I think it defeats the purpose. The world has not changed as much as the Director thinks. Really hit hard by the Pinocchio speech though. 5/10.