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What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?


Thrashing About

Still the best porn movie I've ever seen.


Snake awakens
I saw Hellraiser Inferno which ..... wasn't that bad?


I expected it to be unwatchable, but I kind of loved it in a guilty-pleasure way. The plot felt really Silent Hill and some of the scenes were inventive and spooky The twist was a little obvious, but it played out well.


Lost in the Static
I rewatched 2 Fast 2 Furious. There are some cool scenes in it, although they kind of jump the shark at the end by crashing the Camaro into the yacht. Also, it is one of the few times in human history where 2 shitty Mitsubishis beat a Challenger and a Camaro in a race.



That shit made me cry.


Hit 'em right between the eyes

2015 is off to a great start movie-wise


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy:

A decent little movie. Crappy title.
Yes, it's a spoof on the whole Frankenstein franchise, but done in a clever matter.

The Expendables 3:

That PG-13 rating really did a number on the movie.
Thank goodness for Antonio Banderas. And Harrison Ford. They were great. So was Mel Gibson, though he could've done a little more.


Active Member
I just watched the movie Night Crawler.


This was actually pretty enjoyable, I absolutely loved the main actors in it.

In the movie he states that he's a very quick learner, and he states what his beliefs are. He actually follows through with what he said, and throughout the movie you see him learn extremely fast, and he comes to understand the way things work very well. He also worked really hard to get where he is. The character development in the movie is superb, and he just screams "psychopath" because of his lack of empathy or value of human life - where others see a tragic crime scene, he sees opportunity. I think that the main characters are really well done, they don't do anything that is completely not them. Yet it still retains the element of surprise, you can't easily predict what happens next like in a classic movie. Well, one thing I did predict was the montage of things in the middle, mainly because I saw the trailer...which gave too much away.

He's essentially an alpha wolf, and his 'assistant' is a submissive sheep. The woman he works with is also an alpha in society, and while at first he's at her mercy, he again quickly learns her. Although he she's the kind of person who just doesn't get fucked (literally and not literally), as I said before, she's an alpha of society and knows how to do battle. He's an exceedingly quick learner. I wouldn't say he takes advantage of her, but he learns her and knows how to get what he wants.

I particularly like this movie because it's not bloody predictable. Usually, the bad guy does all this illegal shit, then you watch him spiral down in a mental breakdown or something and then finally crash, ending up getting arrested or some predictable bs like that. This movie doesn't do that, it's just him climbing the ladder of chaos (as little finger from GOT puts it). You end up really disliking the guy at the end though, and you do wish that he would be arrested or held accountable. You end up rooting for the federal agents to catch him, but in the movie they don't. I felt both disappointed, but also really giddy for some reason.

I dunno.. I was just left feeling like it was a bloody fantastic movie, even though you fucking hate the guy lol. He's a sleazy, cold and calculating asshole, and you just love him, but also hate the shit out of him.
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Raid 2

Both this and the first movie were pretty enjoyable. Some great fight scenes.


Mourning Dove
I'm watching this movie called Breaking Bad. For whatever reason, Netflix divides it into 45 minute intervals, which doesn't really help me with immersion. May be a good thing, though, because it's the longest movie I've ever watched and I wouldn't know when to stop otherwise.


Lost in the Static
I watched Chappie. That movie was really good, at least in my opinion. It was critically panned, but then again, so are a lot of movies I like.


Go Speed, Go!
Last movie I looked at with my eyes: Cloud Atlas. Watched the first half last night and will finish the rest this evening. Pretty interesting movie but it's hard to understand Tom Hank's cavemen-esq speech sometimes. Whenever it switches to his story line, I flick the subtitles on. Leave it to the Wachowski's to make a super artsy film.


The Help.

It was okay. Pretty overdramatic, but that's what you'd expect.


So Graceful and Phallic
Prince of Darkness

Not the best Carpenter has even done, but still pretty spooky.

Also has Alice Cooper impaling some dweeb with a bicycle, so that's cool.


Lost in the Static
I rewatched Kingsman : The Secret Service today. The head exploding scene was the fucking best.

Roose Hurro

Lovable Curmudgeon
Just saw Big Hero 6 yesterday... nice. I can see why it won an Academy Award (Best Animated Feature Film).