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What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?


I'm SeckZ and Frii

The movie I watch for the second time and it blew my mind, the movie is a masterpiece 'cause all the talks and situations are extremely deep with meaning and logic, the theory is extremely logic in the way the movie based about and it showed the true good and bad situations of it. GCI is awesome, great acting. 10/10


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Based on true stories:


You think that finding the protagonist's missing son would take all the movie? Think again. That's only two-thirds or the movie.

The Imitation Game:


You think that cracking the Enigma code was gonna be the end of it? Think again. That was the easy part.
The movie also shows yet another level of filth to war.

The Jewish Cardinal:

A French film. It's about a -you guesssed it- a Catholic-converted Jew, his struggles both internal as well as those involving a certain degree of diplomacy.


Feed Me Pizza
Chappie (2015) Really good movie, if you're a fan of District 9, you'll feel right at home. Also, I never knew that Ninja and Yo-landi of Die Antwood could act. It made me tear up a bit too.


Lost in the Static
So I rewatched Tranformers: Age of Extinction today. Logic does not exist in such a film.

The poster shows the true redeeming factor of this movie: the awesomely silly image of Optimus Prime riding Grimlock while holding a sword.


Lady of the lake
Just watched Interstellar for the first time.
Fantastic movie! Started a little slow, the first quarter was a little boring, but once they went out to space things got really cool.
As for the ending, well...


Lost in the Static
Meh, Interstellar was okay. It was way too long, though.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Pulp Fiction:

Finally got to see it.
I don't care that 3/4 of the world raves about this movie, it isn't for me. Tarantino has once again proven that he can both bore me out of my mind and leave me agog at the stuff he pulls.
That being said, it did have its moments. I'd rather watch it again over Inglorious Basterds, even if it's just for the '90s kitsch.

Big Hero 6:
It's a testament to how well-made a movie is when you can enjoy it with subtitles and without sound (watched it while at a restaurant).

Traven V


It was pretty good, <3 Jim Carrey


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Heard a lot about these, had to watch 'em...

Fight Club:


How is it possible that such a HUGE plot twist in a movie as popular as this one isn't spoiler'd all over like, say, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back?!
Other observations: it was long, but engaging. The CGI has aged remarkably well. Got taken by surprise by the some of the movie stars that appeared.

Risky Business:

What a great-looking movie poster...
I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
Didn't know that Tangerine Dream composed the soundtrack.
It truly is a risky business to save your own butt after stupendously messing up with a stick-figure of a girl, because you just had to listen to your dead-beat friends.


~Foxy loves oreo~
Just watched avengers age of ultron last night on imax.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Watched three movies with Dev Patel in 'em. Go figure.


The trailers and TV commercials don't let in on all the details, but they're fibbing about Chappie being humanity's last hope. It's a bit difficult to explain in an attention-grabbing headline. But if you thought that District 9 opened a can of worms... I do believe there's sequel potential here.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:


They were giving it on TV, while the sequel opened in theaters, so I was curious to check it out. Speaking of which...

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:


Also a good movie, though I prefer the first. Great quotes, though. And dancing, too.

Also watched...

Kingsman: The Secret Service:

So. Much. Satisfaction!!
I don't remember the last time I enjoyed a spy-flick like I did with this one.


Because the local channels did not give the correct Barrabas movie during Easter. So, we followed tadition and watched it again. First time ever that we've skipped some parts.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Eight Basque Surnames):

Prepare yourself for a crash-course in Spaniard-Basque history and relations.

It's a Spanish movie about a Spaniard falling in love-at-first-sight with a Basque girl. Spaniard visits Basque to give her some of her personal items back and to whisk her away to Spain, only to have his little dreamworld broken. Basque-girl, recovering from her cancelled wedding, makes a deal with the Spaniard to convince her nationalist father (who still thinks the wedding is still on) that he's her fiancé... and Basque.
Nuttiness ensues.
Even as a Spanish-speaking individual, the movie gets hard to follow due to the heavy accent and the unique Basque dialect.

Rum Diary:

I found it's historical aspects more appealing to me than how the movie panned out.
The country portrayed in the movie does exist, and was filmed there. I still remember all the hubbub when it was being filmed. All of the stuff mentioned has a hint of truth to it: the military bases on small islands, the newspaper that the main protagonist worked with, etc. I should know, it's my country.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Edge Of Tomorrow.
Quite the interesting mash-up of Groundhog Day and Saving Private Ryan in a sci-fi setting.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
How to train your dragon.

I'm many years late to the party, but I swore off ever watching this movie years ago, because I feared it would upset me. But it didn't at all. Well, the movie didn't but the logo did. Admittedly it didn't QUITE live up to the hype, but it was still good. Plot-wise it wasn't anything like I expected.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Randomly watched Oblivion, liked it.


Forever done
The Prince of Egypt.
Very well-told story, awesome animation. I'd watch it again, if I wanted to.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
How to train your dragon.

I'm many years late to the party, but I swore off ever watching this movie years ago, because I feared it would upset me. But it didn't at all. Well, the movie didn't but the logo did. Admittedly it didn't QUITE live up to the hype, but it was still good. Plot-wise it wasn't anything like I expected.

Yeah, I can relate to the logo/title feeling a little off. Then I saw the movie...


Monsieur Vincent:


It's about the humanitarian work of Vincent de Paul.
This description doesn't do justice to the massive amount of work that the man did: from getting down and dirty with people who were believed to be contaminated with The Plague (and turned out they weren't), to convincing the opulent classes to not only donate money, but also their time and hearts; to dealing with all the negative aspects of running a charitable organization (unruliness, ungratefulness, overworked staff, the lack of resources, etc.), as well as the social stigmas of the time (the preconceived notions about abandoned babies...).

Even though the movie is in black and white, one can tell it's beautifully crafted and full of detail of 17th-century France.
Also, this French movie was decades ahead of its time, IMO.
I did feel it dragged on a bit at the end, but that's my only complaint.
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