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What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?


Thrashing About

This went straight to my list of favorites. The soundtrack is beautiful as is the movie. It surprises me that not many people have heard of it.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Amish Grace:

For those that have long given up keeping score with all the massacres that happen in the U.S., this movie (a Lifetime Movie Network movie) is based around the 2006 Amish school shooting.
It's also about how the Amish dealt with the situation, much to the surprise of the world. Of course, it wasn't easy. A father expressing forgiveness while hiding unmentionable pain, a mother filled with hatred, refusing to forgive despite that it's better to do so (because it's taught that hatred will consume one whole); a teacher filled with guilt because she ran for help, a killer's wife trying to move on.



A little cousin left the DVD, so we watched with mom, who hadn't seen it.
I was able to appreciate it more this time around, overdose of songs and everything.
I'll confess that before I saw the movie the first time around, I thought the character Olaf was pointless and unnecesary, but I changed my mind. He's really needed to help break the tension. Even his music number was a breath of fresh air in the movie.

Oh, and there was a scene after the credits.

But would it kill Disney to add some color to their DVD discs? Black-and-white engraving-style is so early-2000s. It's as if they're punishing you for not going for the Blu-Ray.


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Dracula Untold

There seems to be a lot of different opinions on this, but I thought it was great. It doesn't follow the original Dracula story though, so some people would probably find that annoying.


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I went to the cinemas and saw that - I found it fairly enjoyable and I'm glad I saw it.

The ending kinda bothered me though, it seemed really...well... Stupid =/ I would've preferred it if they cut the time jump. The end fight scene confused me as well, because you have this highly trained immortal with super strength/speed, so why doesn't he literally just throw a rock at the other guy's face? He has xray vision or can sense heat (I think...), and the walls are cloth since he's in a tent. He could even throw his sword. That way he's not affected by the silver, and his opponent is very dead.

Otherwise fairly enjoyable and entertaining to watch

Ah yes, the ending was pretty stupid. Will there be a sequel? It kinda looked that way, but I don't imagine that being a very good idea.
The fighting scene yes! In my opinion he should just have marched into the camp and killed that guy right after getting his powers, but that wouldn't make a very good movie though.


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Movie I looked at with my eyes? All of them, I hate it when people don't give a movie their full attention.
Kingsman is the newest movie I have watched. Last movie I watched was Secondhand Lions but I watch that all the time.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Minions was better than it had any right to be

Agreed. I enjoyed it more than I did with Despicable Me 2.

As stated, Minions:

It's amazing how these little creatures' movie, without a lot of actual language being spoken, was able to become a far better spin-off movie than The Pinguins of Madagascar, which could've been better.
From their brilliant origins' story, all the way to the cartoonish way the 1960s were portrayed, it all worked.
The villainess was great, too. Her designs was far better-looking than what the promos led me to believe. I enjoyed how her backstory was told! I wonder how many fanart of her drawn as a wolf has been made.
Oh, Herb was much more cooler than what I was led to believe.


That is a great movie poster. No joke.
While definitely funny and enjoyable, this CGI-fest isn't a comedy, like some led me to believe. The whole subatomic thing was HARDCORE.



It's an eye-opening documentary about how/why million-dollar pro athletes end up... broke.
It features real-life testimonies.
The way it was film doesn't let up, so it can become overbearing hearing testimony after testimony, story after story, with a old clip thrown in.
But it's good. Real good.

No Crossover - The Trial of Allen Iverson:


If you were exposed to basketball during the '00s, you knew who Allen Iverson was. But as a half-interested teenager, I didn't know his background, so to find out that even at an early age he was making headlines for all the wrong reasons was surprising.
Named after his basketball move, this is a documentary about then-up-and-coming-basketball prodigy Allen Iverson's polarizing trial. Think of it as a pre-O.J. Simpson trial, but with less evidence.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
I've been on a vintage sports documentary binge for some time now. Here are some...

Clutch City:


The story of how The Houston Rockets became back-to-back NBA Champions back in '93-'94. The title comes from the press, naming them so due to their comeback-performance after a humiliating loss.

Jordan Rides The Bus:

Remember in Space Jam how Jordan was playing baseball? That actually happened in real life for well over a year. I've always wondered why he did that, and this movie delivers the answers.

Bad Boys
(30 For 30 Films):

No, not the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence action-comedy/police drama movie.
That's the name given to the notorious Detroit Pistons of the '80s and early '90s. The documentary tells how and why they came to be the Bad Boys, and how they became back-to-back NBA Champions.

Kellie Gator

Moral Minority
So I just got back from seeing the new Fantastic Four.

I'll be controversial and say I kinda liked it for what it was but it fell apart in the shitty third act and Dr. Doom was ugly as fuck.


Watching a movie adaptation of this novel called On The Beach. Right now they're at a tv station that's been transmitting a signal they're investigating. They think it means someone's survived a nuclear holocaust. But based on the message I think I already know what's going on and it's going to be heart-wrenching when they find out like the entire movie has been.

The message, or what they get manage to extract from corrupted video files over time eventually reads "don't despair. I've got something for you at last. The whales have survived". I think it'll turn out to be part of a ticker from a pre-recorded piece on environmental issues or something and everyone's still dead


Justice League Gods and Monsters

An alternated reality of the DC universe. Superman is from a different father, Wonder Woman is not Diana from the Amazon princess but from another world and Batman is not Bruce Wain, he's someone else who became a vampire.

There are no there "super hero", no Flash, no Green Lantern, no Cyborg, or anyone else. Its interesting to see something different where the justice league are not dictator.
i saw a screening of a future movie starring Melissa McCarthy that i can't say the name of because I'll get in trouble for it, but if you googled it, you'd find out. lol. the last paid movie was Inside Out.


I don't remember the title, but its a movie about the Civil war. They use black mans for soldier and how they treat them.


aka Rinpoe
I don't think I've been in the same room as a playing movie since Christmas, so I'll default to the last thing I saw then: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. That movie is a family tradition.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence.

There needs to be more of GitS, what we have now isn't enough.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
I don't remember the title, but its a movie about the Civil war. They use black mans for soldier and how they treat them.

Does the title Glory ring a bell? Or a bugle horn?

Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence.

There needs to be more of GitS, what we have now isn't enough.

Here. This will hold you over.

I haven't watched it and I don't really care. I'm not the GitS fan I thought I was. Hate her new haircut, too. To quote a foreign film, she looks like a Romanian truck driver.

My turn...

Terminator 2: Judgement Day:

Finally got to watch it properly. It really is good and has aged really well. Worthy of all its hype. And those stunts! I've seen my share of them, but wow!

And because of that one, I revisited the following:

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines:

It wasn't as bad as I remember. Then again, the first time I watched it was an edited-for-TV version. On the other hand, it felt more PG-13-ish. While some obvious CGI was obvious, and the whole nanobots-taking-over every single function of cars dating from the 1980s to early 2000s made the car-guy in me shake his head (it's possible with today's cars, though), it was still a slick action movie.
I'm ready to see Terminator: Salvation now.

Speaking of movies that aren't as bad as I remember...

Alien vs. Predator:

Often, PG-13 movies of an originally R-Rated franchise miss the mark.
Not his one, thankfully.
I too originally saw it as an edited-for-TV version. And in hindsight, not completely. This time a friend gave me his DVD copy with extended scenes.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that it made Alien vs. Predator 2: Requiem an even bigger disappointment in my eyes (I watched that one in theaters).
My only wish for the movie was that it included two more Predators so there could be a couple more fights with the Aliens.
I'm ready to see Predators now.

Oh, I almost forgot about a movie that I finally got to watch properly:


Also a friend's copy.
After being exposed to the wonderfully over-the-top sequels first, this one's a simple sci-fi suspense/thriller, in comparison.
I can picture what the 1979 moviegoers were thinking: "If they had that much trouble with one Alien, could you imagine if there were more of them?!!"


Yep, that's the movie Fury. A good movie :)

It show how history repeat itself, attacking a fort without sea support, the all get kill. That remind me of WW2 during the D day in a way.


Pokemon the movie, the 17th I think? Related to XY game. Still looking for the 18 that should be somewhere.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
In Bruges.
Loved it

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Here. This will hold you over.

I haven't watched it and I don't really care. I'm not the GitS fan I thought I was. Hate her new haircut, too. To quote a foreign film, she looks like a Romanian truck driver.
Seen it. I actually liked it. My only annoyance with it was the robot thing. Fucking annoying little shit.