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What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?


Feathered Jester
Bits and pieces of Ip Man 3. I'd heard Donnie Yen was going to stop after Ip Man 2, so that was a nice surprise. :)


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Sword of Destiny.
Wonder if they dubbed the scenes or did the scenes in English, hard to tell.


Hipster Snob

Great Hitchcock film.


AAAAAAAAAAAAYAAA!!! *beats up his keyboard*
2001: A Space Odyssey. That movie was so good. It's pure art. ^//^


Youngish greymuzzle
Today, I saw The Hand That Rocks The Cradle for the first time. Why did I wait 24 years to see this one? It's a great thriller.