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What was the last thing you purchased ?


i am now on https://www.anthrodex.com
got a led name tag

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Pretty pink glittery nail polish and the Chinese movie White Snake. I'm very happy with them both hehe.


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Pop tarts and matches, not sure why i got them at the same time though

Frank Gulotta

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A brand new computer! RIP savings and booze money for the time being!
(also RIP old computer from much simpler
without a built-in talking assistant that's constantly listening to what you say out loud :eek: )


Some Mechwarrior: Age of Destruction figures and a deck of MtG cards on Ebay.


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recently, I recently, I purchased Ark survival evolved for my dad, who really likes dinosaurs. I'm glad I only paid ten bucks, because this game did not make a good first impression. I haven't downloaded the whole thing, just the base game, so maybe the download will have improved user interface and make things less confusing, possibly even including the tutorial, but this game is really hard to get used to.


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'City', a Sci-fi novel written by Clifford D. Simak
I read that one, long ago!

Myself, I got a fancy "plasma igniter" for my gas stove. The stove was little slow to ignite using just anything else, but now it's a breeze (breeze of violet plasma, that is)... and oddly satisfying! Also makes quick work of candles and such.


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Hmmm a couple sets of guitar strings. One electric, one acoustic ;)

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Oil change and wiper replacement


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Multicolour hollyhock seeds and a bunch of delphinium plants so I can pretend I'm a real gardener(tm) in Spring.


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Technically, it was Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2. Which is free right now until the 14th on steam btw.