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What was the last thing you purchased ?


"nEw UsEr"
Excluding lunch, last thing I bought was this adorable pin from Chipflake (not my image, I just ordered it)

Sadly this was an extremely limited run and I nabbed one of the last ones.


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
Taco bell just now because I'm moving soon and don't want to stock my fridge and they had a %50 off coupon so I'll probably be set for... one day.


International Man of Mystery
I just purchased some Blu-Ray box sets.

1. Akira Kurosawa Samurai Masterpiece Collection
2. Bruce Lee Collection
3. Clint Eastwood Eight Movie Collection
4. Clint Eastwood Western Collection
5. Hitchcock Vol. 1
6. Hitchcock Vol. 2