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What Was Your Childhood Fear?


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Oh the Irony: I was TERRIFIED of fursuits.
I just remember going to various theme parks, sporting events and birthday parties where there were furry characters and I used to cry and hide behind my mom's legs until they went away. When they tried to play with me and make me stop crying, it freaked me out even more and my mom would have to take me home.
Somewhere along the way as I outgrew that fear and came to really love them, but man they were terrifying for the longest time.

Evan of Phrygia

The dark, closets, closed spaces, drowning, basements (even with the lights on, i had trouble being there alone), fursuits, robbers, getting stuck in air ducts, and I think by some circumstance, seeing the remade version of the Grinch (not the full movies, just the promos) made me start seeing a Grinch-like poltergeist haunting my dreams.

I was a very scared child.


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Maybe being scared of fursuits as a child is yet another cause of furry?

Anyway: Falling through ice, WATER (oh god water), Rapists, teddy bears, dark, slender man ( age 8 ) aliens, airport security, razors, bees, ghosts...


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tractors (bit odd considering i now repair them for a living), heights, cows, horses and bridges (walking under them)


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Being lost, which still is my #1 fear next to extreme heights with lackluster or no railings.


Getting bit by something venomous that causes my skin to melt and stuff. (I learned about poisonous animals when I was two).


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Serial killers, I saw Friday The 13th when I was six-ish.


Childhood fear?

Pfft, spiders still scare the shit out of me. Heights not so much anymore.

Ad Hoc

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When we were still in the Navy, our family dentist was this really fantastic guy who decided to have an assistant pin me down while he yanked out a couple of my teeth without any painkillers or whatnot. I was four or five.

After that, I was so ballistically terrified of dentists that I'd go into an animal panic on the chair. Screaming, biting, kicking, totally inconsolable. I was otherwise a fairly well-behaved kid too, so. They ended up needing to take me to this child specialist dentist who sedated patients.

I got over it in my teens, but when I went back to one of the older dentists who'd seen me in a fit, he was a little nervous of me.

I still get a little twitchy in the chair, but nothing serious anymore.

As far as childhood fears that persisted into adulthood, I still dislike swimming or being over water where I can't see the bottom. Even if it's something like Lake Koshkonong where I know it's only 6 feet deep or something, I still feel quite vulnerable about it.


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I can't honestly remember, but I think it was just failing in school and being held back. I had great grades, but I was scared of it.

Earth Rio

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Heights, spiders, bees are my main fears. I also used to be flat-out terrified of escalators. It's always noteworthy that I'm slightly afraid of large dogs, but mainly their bark: as long as they don't bark at me, I'm fine with them. (especially as I live with an Alsatian, Caesar.)
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The dark, volcanoes (Blame Volcano), heights, becoming a man (happened anyway, nothing much I could've done... mom was even more homophobic and scary when I was a kid), other people...

EDIT: Dolls, that was it... fucking life-sized porcelain dolls.


Deep water, Large spiders (little 'uns and Trantulas are <3), Death.

Oh, and Wasps/Hornets.
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Maybe being scared of fursuits as a child is yet another cause of furry?

Or maybe they were just scared of people being dressed up with a dead-blank expression and don't understand it well? I doubt they would know about furry at a young age. Not that I'm really scared of them, though.

Uhh yeah this thread isn't really in the right category, but I was scared of being stuck in tight/small places. Maybe I still am, I haven't been in that situation for a long time. I used to be scared of bees.
I wasn't afraid of snakes, but my biggest fear when I was a kid was that I would wake up one day and my floor would be made of snakes and my family and I wouldn't be able to leave. D:
I don't even know what brought this on. Probably nightmares.

Butters Shikkon

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Spiders, snakes, heights the usual. Here's some rather personal ones: I was so afriad of my grandparents hallway, it was so long and constantly dark even during the day. When I was really little I was terrified of Pioson Ivy from Batman the animated series (esp. the episode where she made plantpod ppl, that one made me tell my 2nd grade teacher "I'm afraid of Pioson Ivy." I'm sure she thought the plant lol) I had a very irrational fear of one of my brother's teachers who had diabetes cuz I was afraid I would catch it, and oh yeah: That damn puppet from Goosebumps!!! Creepy...

Kit H. Ruppell

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Stinging insects and the fire alarm.


Hm. I used to be terrified of Chucky. I didn't like sitting at tables with long table clothes as I was positive he was going to drag me under and stab me.
My mother used to have this bride of Frakenstein mask that I did not like at all. Searching in her closet for something was always scary because I thought the damn thing would fall on me.
My mother had a boyfriend that I never really felt safe around. He's a bit weird. I always feared that we'd get a phone call saying that he'd killed my mother.


Any kind of insect. I don't mind most of them now but the stinging ones still scare me quite a bit. I absolutely hate turbulence in aircraft. I freak out every single time. I can't go anywhere near deep(ish) water in fear of drowning (shallow water is fine but anything above the middle of my upper body, just hate it). Also, when I was a kid, I always used to have a lamp on next to my bed because I was very frightened of the dark, I used to scream until my mom turned it on.


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that scene in Mrs. Doubtfire where the mask falls off and then that car runs over it and squishes it and wow i can't even talk about this right now