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what was your first impression?


when you saw the fandom what was your first thought?
and has your outlook changed on the fandom any?


never really had an impresion other than i thought it was cool and its still the same


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My first impression was that Furries were strange, but interesting.

My current impression is about the same, slightly more open though.


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First thought? "Holy crap! I'm... not the only one! *pinches self*"


"How the fuck did THAT many artists slip by my sight?"

Six years later, apparently I've seen maybe one hundredth dozen of them at the very best.
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Initially I was excited to find a lot of artists who liked to draw the same things I do, then I found out how utterly retarded the bulk of the fandom surrounding the art was. I'm happy to have met some cool artists and some cool people, that's why I stay, but overall the fandom was and continues to be a pitiful disappointment.
well my first insight to the fandom was with CSI when that ep first cam out, I was younger and different then so my first though was " holy shit that's creepy."

A couple years latter I stumbled in to it on the web and still though it was odd and different but i did more research on it this time. Then I was like "wow where has this been my entire life." I love being a furry now, it fits me very well.


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look when i saw my first furry pic: 0.0

what i thought when i discovered "furry" was that it was cool.


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That is was fucking weird and that it was filled with dog fucking maniacs. My opinion of the fandom still hasn't changed.



My first impressions was that all furries were insane, so joined asap, hence the name Furry?.
On that subject, anyone feel like helping me make a decent name (i've been up for 27 hours and can't think).


I thought "Nifty" then just bummer around lurking on forums and websites and stuff. this place is actually the first place I've spoken to anyone about anything.

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My first impression: "What a bunch of frickin' drama whores... but my I like this art."
Current impression: "There are still a lot of drama whores... but I still love this art!"


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First thought: "Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet."
Current thought: see first thought.

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Oh my God, what the fuck? She has TEN BREASTS! How, in the name of all things holy does she WALK?! Oh fuck, her NIPPLES have DICKS! It's like some huge monster spawned wholly from a sea of breasts and cocks!

-after viewing furry art while stoned. Yes, I actually said that. XP


At first i was like hmmm cool but after a few hours i LOVED this place


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I first head of the fandom about a year ago, one of my friends online was talking about it and how she is a furry...

The fandom sounded interesting and something I wanted to look into, which are the 2 things that sparked my interest. And before long, here I am! I love the fandom and like being a furry. It does seperate me from mostly everyone arund me, but that's what I do, I love the feeling of being different and unique.


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First thought "Can it be true? Are there really others like me out there?"
Second thought "TOO MANY PEOPLE LIKE ME!!!! But at least I'm not lonely anymore!"


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Haha, I came to the furry fandom via the snooty, uptight otherkin communities, where furries were all porn-freaks who screw their puppies. I didn't even know the word until someone mentioned it.

I got great delight recently in saying I hang out with furries now, at an old otherkin board I used to frequent. You'd have thought I said I hang out with lepers. Weeee....fun times, fun times.

My initial opinions have changed for the better. I love the furry art community to bits. Never before have I had such a solid supportive base of friends who love my art, and love me for who I am. Even the occasional weirdo I meet who DOES fit the original stereotype I was exposed to, doesn't overcome the entire idea I have now of a rather interesting community that I can relate to, and share my art with.