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What was your furry awakening?


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...If you had one/remember it! I'm curious to see where people found out about their love of seeing animals anthropomorphized.

In my case, at risk of sounding cliche, I always loved Disney's Robin Hood. I also found "The cat returns" by Studio Ghibli to be a great introduction to whimsical cats.

I'm excited to see where this thread leads!

cliche or not, it was Robin Hood for me too! i was totally enamored of that movie as a kid and tbqh, still am.


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Well, being a furry just naturally happened through my love of animals.

I’ve been around just about every type of animal there is, from house pets, to farm animals, and even exotic ones. When I found anthro art for the first time, it just felt like the expected evolution of things.


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Something Awful's "Awful Link of the Day", a post on the front page ragging on furries, showcasing some of the most horrible art and aspects of the community. Despite this negative introduction... I realized there was a word for what I was and had always felt.


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Considering we used to play pretend as Pokemon PMD style back in gen 2 days, I think that plays a part, but I think Sonic the Hedgehog really pushed me in that direction with fanart.


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Watching Tiny Toon Adventures reruns on Nickelodeon as a kid, I would imagine certain characters being in the show and would fantasize about episodes in my head with said characters that interacted with the established troupe of colorful toons. I'd do this with other shows much into my later childhood when Pokemon and Digimon came into the scene, but I would say Tiny Toon Adventures is where I FIRST really enjoyed the idea of a universe with anthropomorphic characters.

Granted, I didn't know about the fandom until I was 19 years old. I was pretty amazed when I came across it.


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I dunno. It just kinda happened.
Growing up in the 90s, there were TONS of anthro characters on tv and video games.
Disney and WB were big deals.
Biker Mice From Mars, Street Sharks, Sonic The Hedgehog, Talespin, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, etc.
Same with video games.
Star Fox, Sonic again, Klonoa, Crash Bandicoot, the list goes on.


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I had been watching some vore videos, and my brain just went "this feels right" then like a day later Dergen appeared fully formed in a dream, and I was like "well guess I'm a furry now." Told a friend who had come out as a furry a few weeks prior, and that was that.


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It was during a time when I was young and sick in bed. I watched the Balto movie with Aleu and grew a crush on her. That was when it all clicked. Also worth mentioning that it was a time where I was playing the GCN Animal Crossing, so I later crushed on Freya as well. I’m not picky about species and enjoy a good variety, but because of my childhood crushed, I like canine characters the best even though that’s not the most original.


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Hard to say when it happened for me. Probably came from old media featuring talking animals, werewolves and mons like Pokemon and Digimon though. Especially Renamon which was probably the first kinda anthromorphic thing I noticed.


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A mix between Inuyasha, Balto, and Lion King.

I was a weeb, I loved Balto's spirit, and Scar was hot. I'm sure I'll get canceled for this


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my "awakening" was when I discovered this page, the truth before I didn't like it but now that I see it, it's not bad at all


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Mainly it was the whole thing of being viciously bullied growing up. I was at a state of wanting to be dead or not be human at all. After seeing (searching) a lot of tf art... well. Here I am


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I'd always been drawn to non-human characters in media, even if they weren't strictly "furry", like Halo elites. Though there was no particular piece of media that directly made me decide on joining the fandom, I clearly remember one afternoon back in 2016 when I was questioning why I always found human characters so boring compared to non-human characters, then the furry fandom randomly popped in my head. Basically I went,
"Nah lol"

Made an FA account and started watching the YouTube channel Culturally F'd that same day to get some proper footing in the fandom. Was really unsure about it at first but watching that dude's vids really solidified my resolve and made me realize this was absolutely something I wanted to be a part of. The next few months were by far the best months of my life.
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I found out pretty early on. I grew up watching a LOT of furry stuff like the Land Before Time series, the Lilo and Stitch series, the Care Bears, and a bunch of anthro movies like Happy Feet, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, etc. Some of the characters (especially some of the experiments from Lilo and Stitch) became "imaginary friends" of mine. Around middle school I started figuring out I had a claw fetish. The point of no return was in 2011 when I saw the hawk in Rango show off its claws and slice the outhouse apart in a commercial, and then scratch its claws on a glass bottle in the "Rolling Bottle" clip (hence my avatar). I started finding out about vore channels last year and now I have a claw fetish AND a maw fetish lol


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I’ve always liked animals. I actually wanted to be a vet when I was younger. I would read stuff like Redwall and watch animal documentaries and stuff. I think I first learned of furry on Discord. Searched it up myself and thought it was pretty cool. I had imagined myself as an animal since I was very young.


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I got into transformation mostly thanks to certain websites and I remember getting into the concept of werecreatures because of Big Wolf On Campus, the Thriller music video and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My first major furry awakening and also crush just happened to be the koala character from Taz-Mania (I have a koala obsession).