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What ways can I get involved with the communiyy


Hail Satin!!!
i want to get involved more, but my drawing is kind of supar now that I broke my tablet and that I don't really go/can pay to go to conventions. The community here looks small, but I kind of like that
Are there any other sites to talk to people who love creating characters and like anthro art?
As a writer, I already tried text role play in different genres but it's too time consuming for my shecdule. I'm already getting into writing fanfics along with my original writing. (Fanfics I saw as a good way to find a readership to introduce to my original work) I kind of want to talk to people who love to write and create characters (either anthro or not) and share writing. I already have a Wattpad but I use it as a portfolio for poetry and I kind of want to avoid Deviant. It's never been good for me. I'm alread on Archive for my Dragon Age fanfics.