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What weapon does your fursona use?

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it's a ligit question, i mean, mine uses his cybernetic arm to shoot lazers, his sword, his chakram and his fists, but i wanna know what YOUR fursonas use.


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Hmmm... well Tundra uses a railgun, flechette cannons, 3 point defense lasers, loads of other weapons ,and a pair of mono molecular blades.


We (my fursona and Me) use mallets. Something that can give a good whack. My favorite is this wooden mallet that I got.
Mine carries a straight blade double edged katana carried on his back, two energy burst pistols, and a cybernetic neural implant that grants him psionic powers.


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It depends on the setting.

For pre-technology settings, staves. Preferably metal.
For modern, near-future and near-past settings, hand-held type weapons. (Guns, lasers, phasers, whatever.)
For future settings, he can achieve some very interesting and violent effects with nanites distributed throughout his body.

Though he prefers to avoid combat.


I'm a littile tied up atm
Wonder how bad it would be if we all started fighting right now...* THinks about it then shudders.* THUNK!*Notices sometihng heavy hit his suit.* ALL RIGHT! whO WAS THAT?


For fantasy: Knives/daggers. Usually carries two daggers named Santa and Marina. They have nifty powers activated by crystal powder 8) Unfortunately, it's hard to come by and rarely used.
For modern: Knives/pipes/bats/whatever's available. In modern settings, my char uses a bit of street fighting and basically just uses whatever he can find.
For Future: ...no idea.


Glock 19 and a Galil Sniper or SOPMOD M4
Combat knife/bayonet with a 10" blade, and a .45 assault rifle with the knife attached to the underside of the barrel.


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Beretta 92FS Elites, .50 Desert Eagle, Barrett M500, and H&K UMP.

And for everyone who said some sort of blade, I quote CSI:

"Who brings a gun to a knife fight?"
"The winner."


Mine carries a desert eagle .50, don't ask why, just like the gun :p


Well, even though I have three main 'fursonas' all of them use some kind of halberd and twin daggers as weapons, aside from their own bodies of course.


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Being a penguin I use a shrink ray!(This is a reference to the game Dragon Fable...I don't play anymore because it got kinda boring.)


for past and present settings, none, werewolf claws and teeth are pretty handy, no pun intended. I prefer to get up close and personal, hopefully enough to throw someone with a gun or large weapon off guard.

for future settings, never really thought about it, but would probably be some sort of force-laser-blade-claw-thingys on my hands. i.e., claws =P. Teeth would remain unchanged.
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