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What weapon does your fursona use?

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my character(and myself) is a pacifist.. he wouldn't carry a weapon..due to this he would probably be a healer of some kind........:?
Ah... people and their need for weapons. That's one nice thing about being a xenomorph... You are the weapon! *Looks at tail.* Though I suppose this thing won't get the same boney chainsaw cut from a good smack with it like most queens or drones have been known to do. But really, why in the world does a personification of yourself have to have a weapon? Are you a warlord? An assassin? I could see someone in the military occasionally having their rifle with them... If Chupi had to take up arms though... He'd probably try to get his hands on an M41A pulse rifle.

99 rounds of caseless, armor piercing rounds and a pump action grenade launcher? Can't go wrong with it! Nearly a century into the AvP books, it's still immensely more flexible and effective than the newer guns that for some reason came to replace it.


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For all eras, A quaterstaff made of oak wood, firebreath, unarmed fighting, shurikans made of dragon claws, and psychokenisis gained from extreme mental training.


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I had a dream where I was an anthro fox and had a bow. Shot people with flaming arrows. It was cool. =D

But my fursona would probably have small knives and when those stopped being useful, more concealed weapons. Ninja-ish. :twisted:


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My character uses a Death Note to kill his targets. after all, he is a Shinigami


my fur dosnt curry weapions on him bolth rp and non rp.
Thjough a past version of hit did have two swords but nothing to kinky


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sits down with a 50 caliber , a flame thrower , ak47 with hallow point bullets , titanium teeth a fur suit of armor , and the power to suck life out of anything that comes cross in his path


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Let's see here....Surge Lance particle rifle, Incinerator plasma pistol, Haelken Blade, Kraken Internal Grenade Launcher with 40 rounds, bio-engineered rabies based nano-virus....Plus I'm strong enough to rip an M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank in half. I possess Tidal Aquamancy which includes a minor command of gravity and the ability to control most liquids within 15' or so....um...I can open riftways to various places, times, and dimensions and can open them virtually anywhere(ask Diego117...I've only been dropping him weird places for a week now). I occasionally bring weapons out of my den as well though the most common one is the Abuser Anti-Matter cannon. Oh yeah, and in either my were or my wolf form I have 4" teeth.


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and these
http://www.dragonimpact.com/dragon/images/ta52mc.jpg (damn i jus found these on google XD)
Basically close-quarters combat using two or two-sided weaponry.


TheGru said:
Iris uses a katana, a dagger, and a small amount of spells.

I'm totally changing this to encompass all my characters (Iris' stays the same):

TSA Characters
Gren: he's unarmed and relies on his spells as his method of attack.
Khail: He uses a claymore that belonged to his father and he's quite skilled with it.
Nightmare: She uses fear itself as a weapon, as she's mastered mental spells and has powerful dark magic and other offensive spells.
Kinse: Unarmed with only hunting experience.
Orthis: He's unarmed, but has some magic capability.
Desmo: He uses some offensive spells and dark spells, but has quite a few trowing daggers. Unfortunately he can only use them in flight as only his foot claws are dexterous enough to grasp them.

Samurai Characters (NOTE: Their weapons are named.)
Rishra Oyoko: Aginaka (Katana)
Miyamoto Kazuma: Toshiga (Naginata), and Tengnaga (Katana)
Anika: Unarmed; she has extensive martial skill and despises weapons. She also has powerful magical ability and has an affinity for spirit magic.

Marl Duothimir

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Let's see...to date I have had...two and a half "furries". One was a shapeshifter, so he only counts as half a furry.

Marl (Furry Form) - A simple sword and a pair of Uzis.

Gamma (Stag Beetle) - A glaive and the occasional Ride Armor (Megaman influenced, meh).

Mothra Lagoon (Moth With a Shameless Ripoff of a Name) - Dual rapiers.

As you can see, I preferred to keep my characters' armaments rather...light. Especially considering they each have elemental powers (and shapeshifting on Marl's part). Marl's fire, Gamma's lightning, and ML is...well, you figure it out. Also, no this is not my full list of characters. These are just the only ones who have ever had "furry" forms.


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My fursona carries around a katana. Doesn't really use it though, more for just looks xP
I only have it cause I find them interesting.
My human character usually has one too.


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colonel Nathanial Locke:
the GR7c (combine) "raven" electronic fire bolt action assault weapon
7.5mm depleted uranium armor piercing rounds.
600 rounds per min.
with a 2x optical and 5x digital zoom scope with night vision
with a lazer dot sight and LED flashlight.

sidearm: P92 .50cal bolt action pistol.

and finally a titanium/steel composite combat knife.

private Jason Cubb:
XR7 machine pistol.
300 rounds per min, 9mm hollow tip rounds
lazer dot sight.

G978c sniper rifle. magnetically operated , nitrogen cooled.
12mm plasma slug anti-matter weapon


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My weapons are anything I can get my paws on, from clicky-pens to kitchen knives and beyond. Plus a 2000-pound maroon Pontiac Fiero.

In art, though, my weapon of choice is a nice, simple flamethrower, or other incendiary device.


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I tend not to use weapons, as I have said on my Account page, but when faced with a situation that my word magic fails to fix, I like the scimitar. Paired with a dagger, as to not be a copycat :) My primary defense is the aforementioned magic, there are plenty of verbs i could make you do instead of attack me, and plenty of nouns I can summon to keep you away, not to mention many modifiers that can assist my comrades. As a last resort, I have lightning/air magic, but its not as strong.

Rain, my love and constant companion, is fond of the longsword, but is much better at making sure you never land a hit on her.

Arithar is our big meatshield. He NEEDS no weapon, just claws, bite, tail, and Breath (he's a silver dragon).

I have to thank the maker of this thread, because this thread gave me inspiration for a story to post on my FA account that doesn't suck or is not furry in nature. Keep this one going, it's fun to read!

Lord Eon

Author of Eon's Comic
Well, my fursona is essentially the character of Eon Squirrel in my comic. He ended up becoming a Jedi, so that answers that question; his weapon of choice is a lightsaber. Also he's a pilot and he does occasionally use a starfighter based on the Pyro-GL from Decent (although the weapons systems are a bit different, due to my comic's universe); it comes with two laser cannons, a railgun, and air-to-air concussion missiles.

Originally, before Eon started training to become a Jedi, he used a variety of melee weapons when he had the need to fight, but usually he carried a broadsword. He had a brief flirtation with a katana and I did consider giving him a longbow for a while, but it was already a bit daft that he used such archaic weapons, considering the semi-futuristic setting. But, part of the reason for that, really, is because Eon does not like guns, has never carried one, and always avoids using them.


Of all the things I’ve put my paws on, I’d say hammers and lots of them, one for every situation.


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My characters are all female, draconic, and magickal. They don't need weopons to get their points across. ^__^

That being said, if they were ever in a fight against a gun, my girls are the kinda folk that would look at the gun, melt it, then laugh and walk away.

No violence is good. ^__^ We're pacifists.
I actually have two main fursonas I use lol.
The first uses a Barrett M82A1 loaded with Raufoss Mk.228 (i believe, i can never remember the number lol) explosive rounds. He also has a Kriss prototype SMG (look it up its awesome), an IMI Desert Eagle, and a combat knife in a forearm sheath.
The second uses an M4 with a drum magazine, laser scope and forward handgrip, and a pair of Desert Eagles lol.
And since both of em are felines, the boths use claws and fangs as well.

I also have a load of other characters that ive used for one or two roleplays....my favourite would be the one that can phase through solid objects, and thus can literally tear your heart out without leaving a mark :D
His own body aka knees, elbows, fists, feet, head.

A medium sized combat knife about 11" in length.

Two customized Beretta 98s 9mm JSP.

And secondary weapons which are his own but are only used in serious cases.

A customized XM8 rifle 5.56 AP.

A katana.

And another sidearm for back up. A USP .45 JHP.

My mind likes to wander so I have a couple of goodies.

Twitchtail said:
I actually have two main fursonas I use lol.
The first uses a Barrett M82A1 loaded with Raufoss Mk.228 (i believe, i can never remember the number lol) explosive rounds.


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