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What weapon does your fursona use?

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Your neighborhood military fur
hmmm.....definitely daggers and knives as a preference, though he is a jack-of-all-trades weapon master. Also has a pistol on his hip....


Twisted Individual.
Hmm, Well she has two main weapons I would say, Scorpion Claw Sword {Heirloom}, of which she carries on her back, and a Cane Sword (serpent) {gift}, that she happens to use as a walking tool. Though she's not limited to these weapons, she has an assortment of daggers and a small Katana that she occasionally uses if only to practice. I will also say she has a regular bow for hunting, and has a pistol and riffle though she has those as show and prefers not to use them. (Unsportsmanlike)


Sensation of all these things
Mine uses a rubber chicken.

Actually not:


Cane McKeyton

Cane Christopher McKeyton
Well, Cane is generally a non combat character, preferring to negotiate or run from a conflict. However he does have the controls to an orbiting laser strike satellite which I have used in a few RPs.


Flavoursome Wolfiness
my intelligence and quick wit ;)
and for when that fails I always have a selection of swords to choose from :p


Im Ravin, Im ravin.
I uses a neon pink glowstick.

And for those really sticky moments, I call on the power of the Reading Rainbow to thwart my opponents with elementary English grammar and happy-hardcore techno. It normally sends my enemies spiraling into an epilectic seisure which then gives me time to run away.

Note: I mean no offense to anyone who has epilipsy. I am also aware of the fact that I can't spell to save my life.

derru-kai Everclear

Legendary hero of tales
me my fursona uses the following:
-One large sized katana (approximately 1M long not including the handle) called Everanus Cortaia Zemnai Tallus The will of Prophecies, or the Will blade.
-One medium sized katana (1M long total) called Harazara fusion
-Two high caliber pistols
-One Assault Rifle
-A Combat grade Plasma Knife
-and a mithril Longsword

he's a future character, but enjoys his swords


New Member
I was about to reply with "My fursona doesn't use weapons"... when I realized that yeah, she does. She has to, as part of the cyberpunker concept I fleshed out for her. (Side note: A cyberpunker is NOT the same as cyberpunk. If you're really interested in the details, PM me) So, her main weapons are her teeth and claws, plus the martial arts skills she learned as a cyberpunker. But... the cool part is her poi :3 If you get hit with one, expect a shock. Literally. Too bad she's not as adept with them yet as her boyfriend, tho. She can also, done correctly, get her mag-lev skates to send out an electromagnetic pulse that fries any unshielded electronics in the immediate area.


the damn sexy dragon
depends of the situation and the age where is ...and if is real or cybernetic

so i going to explain the real and the cybernetic

real: he uses his hand to attack and block ...he can evade almost everything...but he has low def

cybernetic:(if you see my avatar) he uses electricity for attacks and he is protected by a light aura shield


My fursona carries a specially crafted sword called a Wyrm Saber. Its made using a combination of mythril and dragon scale, capable of slicing through almost anything and its virtually unbreakable. Its also capable of projectile slashes.
My weapon of choice would be a custom made saw-off shotgun for custom bulets (silver bullets, high velocity rounds ect), just for posing with but my main style is self defense.


ahem,nothing-->slingshot (lol) ---->scimitars that look like forks some how o_O


New Member
The character I use most often uses a giant flyswatter :D

The one I originally planned to use has a pickle gun.


The shadow dragon
(weee Rp weapon moment..without much description because i'm lazy at the moment)

A huge sweihander (2 handed) blade called "Shadow avenger"~ I don't need anything else since that blade cuts everything in half already.
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