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What weapon does your fursona use?

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For Boston.
You had to post this. hahaha.

well, He uses what I have. So here is a list.

1- Himilayian Imports Ang Khola 18Inch Kukri
2-Cold steel Recon Tanto
3-Emerson Folding knife

1-Ruger SR9 9mm (non-recalled version)
2-Mossberg 500 pump shotgun w/ pistol grip variant
3- Bushmaster M4A3 16" carbine
4-H&K P2000SK .357 handgun
5-H&K SL8-6 .223 Remmington (I bought it because it sorta reminded be of the Seuburo from Ghost in the Shell...)
Welp, here I go...

M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle with a grenade launcher. Stain usually prefers a silencer/Tracer ammunition combo, because car explosions are SWEET!
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Just to add:

Flare: Elemental fire-like substance

Claws/Fangs/Physical Power: for strength training and certain fights

Psycho: Telekenetic powers of Sebun, with increasing power



For Boston.
Welp, here I go...

M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle with a grenade launcher. Stain usually prefers a silencer/Tracer ammunition combo, because car explosions are SWEET!
Nice, but I would go for the Beretta CX4 Storm w/ a 40mm launcher variant, but I'm just a fan of bullpup style guns.


Shinobi of the Inarigakure
Chakra and his ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu
And his bow and a short katana, but only when he needs to

hillbilly guy

i gots me a scatter gun
i use a gun knife
looks like a knife
cuts like a knife
but where the hell are the shots coming from


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My character Kim'Nek tends to use a scimitar or dagger if he really needs it; otherwise, he uses his claws and teeth like any feline would.

Luke would rather take flight than fight, but if he needs to, there's always his agility and acrobatics. (Hence his other persona, Charadé... but that's for another day.) If he had to use a weapon, he always has a pair of kitchen shears on hand along with a pocket knife.

I'm going to stop with those two... I really don't have a solid fursona, but I have hundreds of characters. Luke and Kim are the two I identify with the most right now.


Fantasy: Longsword, Bow.

Modern: Nonspecific SMG.

Sci-Fi: Dunno yet.

Also, THE BANJO! Ah, I should play Curse of Monkey Island again...
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whats this hang-up on violence.....
plus only p@$$ies need weapons, you want to fight....you bareknuckle box!


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Well, I have a sledgehammer around here that comes into play if my wussy skinny girly arms aren't intimidating enough on their own.

Unless we're talking about fighting zombies. Then I duct-tape a machete to a garden hoe (the hoe-chete).


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Bare fists when he can get away with it. Whatever he can scrounge up or put together otherwise.


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Well lets see I got a pair of kitanas, 357 magnums, 12 guage shotgun, chainsaw, 6 frag grenades, 6 incendiary grenades and a baseball bat. That and anything I can get my paws on to bash undead head.


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mine uses a few different sets, two light scimitars, gutripper dagger & japanese shortsword, two katanas, claymore, telekenesis, and finally, the atomic bomb


always FOUR steps forWARD
mine has a steel fan with sharpened edges, and weight modified to throw. and of course, fighting gloves with spikes on them.


Grim's Delicate Flower
No real weapons.
My Fursona only uses the power of sarcasm and the power of awful guitar playing.

Wonder how bad it would be if we all started fighting right now...* THinks about it then shudders.* THUNK!*Notices sometihng heavy hit his suit.* ALL RIGHT! whO WAS THAT?
It waznt meh, i got a big Sword called "Xonu" and i got Meh righT HanD cuz its is un-breaKablE and looks liek iron but its cool lookin liek Prince of persia.... XDXDXD ima eet ur soul RawR!?!?!?!?!?
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