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What weapon does your fursona use?

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If anything mine would have just an M9 pistol for self defense.
For actual fighting mine would either take care of things from far away with an M40A3 or for close up, an MP7.


Hawt brown eyed dragon
I tend to use magic more than actual weapons but I did carve myself twin swords. Long swords being my specialty I guess. But yea I use magic more than the swords, so dark flames, healing, aura curing, etc..


Wesley Fennec
My sona is an elemental mage knight fennec fox... big name... sorry. Lemme Explain.
He grew up in a warrior type society where all the fennecs are either weapons masters or hunters for one of the many underground communities. (Yes, I know about real fennecs and what their lifestyle is. This is another dimension, so bear with me...)
Anyways, Wesley was one of the few who wasn't up to living like that. He wanted to be a full out sorcerer. He left the community to find a sorcerer to train with. Unfortunately, his mental and magical aura weren't sufficient to be a full out sorcerer, but he COULD learn to be a fairly powerful elemental mage, meaning he can create and alter fire, water, earth, wind, ice, lightning... that's about it... He prefers ice, because it's easier to manipulate, can be made into any shape, goes hand in hand with water, and is more predictable in what it will do.
When his basic training in the elemental magics was finished, he was told he needed a staff. He wasn't up to that. He grew up learning how to use a sword. A dinky staff just didn't cut it... literally. It wasn't useful in close up combat.
SO, what he did was he had a longsword plated in gold and enchanted to work like a magical staff. The gold helps it to channel the magical energies needed to power his abilities, which is pretty much the same thing a staff does. The enchantment also keeps the gold from chipping off every time he hit something/someone with it.

Now, one ability that he developed using his foxy intuitive mind and experimentation is something he likes to call a "cold aura". Basically, he creates an enchantment that floats around him LIKE a barrier, but NOT a barrier. If something, like someone's fist or paw came into contact with this enchantment, it would be instantly frozen solid, as if they had it stuck in liquid nitrogen. Now, if they were swinging said fist or paw, it would still hit Wesley full force. But, unless they wanted to lose their fist/paw, they couldn't hit him again... for a while... it takes about ten minutes to wear off. But it gives Wesley enough time to finish off his opponent.

... I have many more characters that are plenty of fun like Wesley if you're interested. ^^


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I use a Hokuto/Nanto hybrid style combined with my were abilities. Think Fist of the North Star crossed with Darkstalkers. I've also been known to use a katana.


Hamburger time.


Hamburger time.

That makes my Snicker bars look kinda lame. =/
Tasty still, but lame.

That would be cool to transmute matter into Snickers, or tacos!


The Newbie
my fursona uses a gem-embedded knife that transforms into the majestic 'Light Bringer', a sword i made, that possesses unearthly energy and can obliterate anything in 1 swing on it's ultimate form

sorry if its too long... im writing a fantasy book with about it ;)


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Weapons? Do charm and just totally awesome cuteness count? How about his silly antics! Those have to count for something!

If not, hmm.... I suppose talons and teeth. Oh, suppose his tail is pretty deadly.


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lol ive actuly done something before i saw this thread to tell you the truth 2 P90s and 2 swords (im a duel wield person)

Mr Fox

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Just a simple pistol it does the job ;)
May also use other stuff like a pan to hit people over the head with and maybe a beer bottle for those drunk nights on the town
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The Commissar
Depends on what context he's being used in. He prefers to use:
1: Twinblades/Sabreblades/armblades
2: Katana
3: Staff
4: Chainsword with boltpistol or laspistol sidearm (for those 40Kers, you know who you are)
5: Mechs
6: Any kind of gun, really. :D
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