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What weapon does your fursona use?

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Now what was that spell again?
Past: a mace
Present: a set of dual semi-automatic pistols
Future: a mini railgun


Unleash Your Inner Beast...
Meh. I simply use my claws and fangs.

Extremely shaped due to a tough childhood in the pack, of course.


cuddle with caution
the quills of a porcupine
light enough they fly though the air gracefully
sharp enough they can puncture a car tire
and they re grow all the time
an unlimited supply of devistatinly sharp quills
all the weapon i need really
along with the ocasional claw swipe or fang bite of corse
though not as shap as others they can still do some dammage


Hee hee ^_____^

As a Samurai, she would use either a pair of steal fans or a katana or bo stick.
As a warrior: she would have either a tall single blade ax or a katana [again].

My favorite weapon at the time: katana


Care to join me for a bit?
well.... normally he would use the 7 martial arts I know in RL... but as to be badassid like him to have some dual katanas or something

i would go into having a REALLY badass scythe but thats going to far for a fox....


The Wild And Crazy Hybrid
Well my character has a few different weapons... He has a 30" dirk, an 8' staff, and the two can be combined into a wicked slashing staff. He also has the ability to control all forms of electricity, a limited ability to read minds, and is able to self regenerate wounds.


[Insert witty phrase here]
Combat knife, y'all. Preferably one with an Umbrella Corp. Logo on it (Fascination in RE series, sorry)


Dumpster Warrior
Mine has the standard M1 Garand. (from ww2 if you ppl didn't know)

excellent weapon :3, maybe a Lahti L39 would go nicely with it?

well, maybe he's not my fursona per se, but my art avatar you see in my display pic uses a Davey Crockett (nuclear bomblette) launcher modified for shoulder-mounting...and an M-134 Squad Support Minigun (like from Predator) when he wants to make swiss cheese ^^


I don't have a fursona, but if I where to create one, he would just use whatever weapons available.

With a preference for shotguns.

Some grenades and a sword/large knife/mace/crowbar :p would also be nice.

Of course, there would also have to be some zombies to use this stuff on.


It used to be an M1 Garand rifle, when I was obsessed with WW2 paratroopers. Now after CoD4, it's an M4 Assault Rifle =3


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Mine uses a Simple hardend bambo staff, his claws and teeth, an increadable knowlage of martial arts and some more mystical things ^^

hillbilly guy

i gots me a scatter gun
my Double barrel 12Ga shotgun my .45 flat top revolver and my arkansa toothpick paired with my bowie knife. with my skill in camoflage and the fact i know the land i would be a threat to any one
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