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What weapon does your fursona use?

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Fundamentalist Heretic
Flaming breath, mostly, using different combustibles for different degrees of lethality. To intimidate rather than kill a crowd, I'd use stuff that produces more light than heat so that my breath attack would have the effect not unlike a large jet of glowing neon gas. To defend against would-be dragon slayers, I'd use concentrated hydrogen peroxide & ethanol. If I want to be particularly nasty, I'd also mix in nanobots whose directive is to flood the bloodstream of the victims with the neurotransmitters used for pain transmission, and to shut down respiration... slowly.
lol i have no fursona or gimmic what so ever....
dont know


Eudyptula minor
My character has a collection of weaponry (the kind that I dream about owning - swords and daggers and warhammers), but his dictum is: "In a barroom brawl, all you need is your fists." ;)


Mexican Wolf
claws teeth and scrotum slap attack thats all u need i dont fight girls there impervious to my attacks

Not A Fox

Oh, lol: A noisemaker thread.

Fine, here's what we'd keep in the gun cabinet:

A .45 long slide 1911. Frame, slide and other parts constructed at home by myself with a machining set up and experience as a machinist's apprentice. With only the finest of steel used and finished in gleaming high polish nickel. No engraved labels or numbers or "read owner's manual" to tarnish the look. Brazilian rosewood grips, and cream of the crop target barrels, one chambered for .44 corbon rounds. Finally, a guide-rod mounted laser sight, because having an external laser pointer sticking off of the front of the trigger guard would just.... Fuck it up. Terribly.

That sounds pretty good, don't it?

Anyway, that, other things, and this,


And that


along with swords of indo/chinese origins like the Dadao.


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Bleach uses 2 .45 magnums (with silver rounds) and a silver-edged masamune katana that his father gave him.

Yes, he is a werewolf. hence all the silver. :)


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Hmm, lets see what dose mine use *v8 smack to one self* Of cores I know this. A staff, mainly for defense i only fight if some one hurts one of my friends and if that happens not even your god can save you from me. *looks around to the furry's staring at his statement and slowly runs behind a tree*

Alexander Fire

Back from the dead
Well, mine uses a military sable, two survival knives, two .45 ACP covert guns, natural abilities (you know: fire breath, claws, a little magic.), also a wood staff (just to hit, it does not have magic); but normally he just takes the guns and knives.

Also, any object around is a good improvised weapon (chairs, lamp posts, chocolate bars, etc).

Not A Fox

Something else to elaborate on with me & my character: We're collectors. We go out back and kill poor defenseless soda pop cans and that's it. He's not some out there over 9000 character.

He's meant to be just me, you know? That's what people should be going for instead of some wigged out fantasy.
i dont have an fursuna xD
omg i guess pepole hate pepole whit no fursunas xD
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