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What weapon does your fursona use?

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Intruder uses a 4 foot pipe wrench and a leatherman. He standardly just fixes things but can use them for pain if needed
Reighley uses her foot claws and hand claws as her primary weapons (Blaziken pokemorph)
Rona uses a 5ft broad sword that's light for its size, It's based in the future so metal compounds are stronger and lighter.
Isharn uses a laser rifle and a riot shield [arced rectangle with sight slot style], when boarding another ship he uses the sheild and an electromagnetic combat knife (combining that with his lone shackle [also magnetized] he can transverse walls and ceilings [all walls and ceilings are metal on spacecraft])


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And if i wanna play i use the nice flame breath... Not too much, i don't wanna kill anyone...
Third i could use my tail like a giant [add the word for a weapon you punch against enemys]
If Renard ever had a weapon, it'd probably be European....most likely the cutlasses used in the 18th century.


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Tansunn has a sword that when activated will heat up to very high temperatures. The blade is made of a special alloy that keeps it from deforming, even when it's so hot that it glows red.

Of course, being a pacifist, he never uses it, but if you were unaware of that fact, you'd probably be kind of nervous if you were faced with this: http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb318/tansunn/CharacterPics/tansunn2516huye0.jpg


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My Fursona has a sad background,in the war against the trolls he was captured and for refusing to speak had his left arm severed brutaly with a kotetsu (samurai sword). he then was returned to his base and after extensive surgery has had his left are replaced by a thought controlled Minigun/RPG launcher (gun is inter changeable by undoing a couple of screws).


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And i thought furrys are peaceful...
Why everyone is ultra-armed?
A mystic heat-sword of bruning fire, an RPG-Arm...
Where's the tank?


mine uses a longbow, a rather large hammer, and a big buck knife


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I am peaceful, the sword's just to make me appear threatening. I could never actually hurt someone.

faker XD

I would, but then he really have to do something, that's worth it ^^

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Two double edged custom Katana's one on each side. 4 daggers. one on the right thigh, one in left boot, one on belt, and one on upper right arm. Masterwork Elven Longbow (yes I play too much DnD) Custom runes fused into the bow, with custom arrows all on back.


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Well, mine only uses his magic, if he's given a sword, he'd end up swinging it wildly like a madman, yelling "DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!" .... Give him a gun and your playing Dyslexic Russian Roulette. :lol:


He has a gun that he managed to scavenge from the ruins of a town, but ammo is scarce and the gun's seen better days, so he mostly uses his 'spear', a wooden rod with a serrated piece of metal taped to it.
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