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What will you do when/if Furry hits Mainstream?


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People constantly go "OMD FURRIEZ R GETTNIG IN2 MAINSTERAM LOLO" and get all excited when 'Furry' related stuff appears in media.
So what happens when/if we get there?


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...But which lord would that be?

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I usually dislike mainstream things. I guess I'd have to give up furry, walk around saying things like "I was a furry before it became marginally acceptable by social standards, thus I must be what you people refer to as 'off the chain'", or find something even less socially acceptable and get into that.


It will be exactly like it was when the sci fi or anime fandom went "mainstream".

We'll get harassed consistently and stereotyped as a group of computer nerds/bestiality enthusiasts.


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Just gonna do what I always did and keep my involvement with furries a secret from most people. It's not like it's something friends outside of the fandom HAVE to know about, right?


1) Make a gigantic spaceship and pack the 'norms' off to the moon.

2) Let the 'suiters' roam America (they're a crazy bunch over there ;-D)

3) Let the 'closet furries' have England - that would work spiffingly as we neeeevver let our true feelings be known.

4) Move all of the drooling Yiff-junkies to europe, russia and the far east - there's a good chance that they could run out of space though!




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1) Look outside.

2) Scan the skies above for flying pigs, angry tits firing out of people's nipples

3) Watch TV and see if Politicians say anything smart.

4) Also look for recorded cases of Paris Hilton saying something intelligent.

5) Look to see magazines NOT blabbing about Britney Spears.

6) Check the FurAffinityForums to see if me and Rilvor AREN'T saying sarcastic things.

7) Check lists to see if they DON'T have self-referential humour worked in. ;p

8) Once all the signs that the world hasn't begun ending have happened, I'd watch the division just blur a little less as several groups form, similar to Lord of the Rings fanboys, Star Wars nerds and Trekkies that all detest the other, only this time it's stuff like Werewolves, Scalies, Sonics, and most importantly Yiff vs Non Yiff. Or Yiff appears in all forms of the factions but it's looked down upon. Just like how people make fanfiction about Mary Sues doing it with Kirk or draw Twilek/Elf Porn.

9) Stay the way I am now.


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Oh were you being serious?

Let me redirect my mocking laughter at you instead*


"furry" as "mainstream" HAH! Get a laugh!

A big squealing bodily fluids filled mass of fetishes becoming mainstream, HAH!


I'm pretty sure that it becoming mainstream, like everyone else has said though, it will probably be like sci-fi and stuff hit "the stream."

It would be pretty cool though, yay for fursuits


It's not going to happen, so please, do yourself a favor and not only shut up about it, stop thinking about it entirely. Or hey, I could be wrong and huge media conglomerates could actually become aware of your existence and decide a niche market like furry is even worth tapping into. Which is about the only way animation and gaming companies -which are run by and employ people who mostly can't stand furries- will have a change of heart and decide it's okay to produce blatantly furry material. Because pretty much everything they do is decided by those bigger companies. In other words, monkeys will fly out of my ass singing the dreidel song in perfect harmony before furry becomes a mainstream genre of entertainment.


Honestly, Furries are kinda Mainstream. Everyone has the internet and if you have the internet, you know about furries.

If Furries get accepted by the general population, then I will not change anything.

I might make a fur suit then, but I don't know.

Hopefully then we could convence come scientist to make some kinda way to turn humans into furries then.


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I will go away from the fandom, never to be seen again.


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I refuse to be part of anything mainstream. I'll leave the fandom to avoid being lumped in with the morons and spastics who will inevitably ruin the fandom.


Yeh, like that's ever going to happen.
*rolls eyes*


Coffee said:
It will be exactly like it was when the sci fi or anime fandom went "mainstream".

We'll get harassed consistently and stereotyped as a group of computer nerds/bestiality enthusiasts.
So it will be no different then? :roll:

But yeah, I don't think I would care if it went mainstream or not. If it did, then, uh, cool I guess. If it didn't then thats why I come here. Doesn't matter much either way.