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What would be your theme song?


Werewolf a Tophat

Deleted member 111470

OwO holding out for a hero...

That's a good movie. You know, I've been near a huge-ass fire only once and it was quite the abstract experience. I never imagined that I'd feel the heat from so far away. The flames were reaching 5-6 meters(16-20 feet) tall and I couldn't get closer than ~15 meters(about 49~ feet) without it becoming painful. It's nothing like watching it in a video or a movie, where people just walk about like it's nothing. Never worn fire-fighting gear either. I hope I don't have to.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.


Irish Kelpie Horse With Magic
Block Parties Prayer/Death Thy Lover By CandelMass/Bewitched By Candel Mass/Placebo The Devil In The Details/American Witch By Rob Zombie/Super Beast By Rob Zombie/Black Sunshine By Rob Zombie/69 eyes Goth Girl/Type O Negative Be My Druidess/Morrisley How Soon Is Too Soon/Drowning By Bring Me Horizon/Human By Highly Suspect/All of Gemini Syndrome songs along with A Perfect Circle.


Imma bat in yer rafters

Really makes being stuck in a rut a lot more badass to get out of with this track.


Here is mine. Please watch to the end.
Still makes me tear up.

I related to this way too much, which is why I feel that it's the only song that can fit me...​
My daughter probably knows this song. Good song.