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What Would Equal a Monster?



Go back in time a few millennia and most large predators would probably be considered monsters. A black panther today is just a big black cat, but go back in time somewhat and it would be a DEADLY NIGHT TERROR, EYES AGLEAM WITH MURDEROUS INTENT; A SILENT BEAST THAT STALKS THE FOOLISH AND UNWARY. Where do you think the idea of "monsters" came from in the first place? Any "monsters" appearing today would need to be nigh-invincible to avoid simply being shot and hung up on display.


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There are no monsters as you defined them, because all creatures are beautiful in their own retarded way.

Except people I don't like.

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Woah, cool!

Those deep-sea fishes really do look like monsters.
I love them. I wish I had a pet one.
If I ever become an evil overlord, I'll buy these sharks in my tanks.


Monster is just another one of those words that people typically only use to describe films about giant sharks or aliens destroying indiscriminately.


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I would assume everyone would define a "monster" differently. It really is just an adjective. You may see a mouse as something small while a bug may see it as something large and threatening.

I think in most cases we use it to define "dangerous" or "threatening" creatures, from species to species. Typically we use it to define creatures we don't see often or those that we don't understand like fish of the deep and cryptids.

Personally I just use it to define fictional creatures/persons. Not in a bad way most of the time, but mainly because they are fictional. In most cases if I do happen to know what the monster/mythological creature is called then i'll just call it by its name...but as for others...I'll call them monsters or creatures.

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You'll pardon my absence, but I don't even recall making this thread. I just saw that I did and well...yeah.

Continue. .-.


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I'd say the amazon is full of what i'd consider monsters :eek:. Like those little fish that get inside you and burrow out your insides. Gives me shudders thinkin about them.


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Technically the term monster has meaning in science, like say 'hopeful monsters', but that has no relation to the definition you gave.

You are right though, we will never use the term to describe any animal that actually exists, no matter how 'monstrous' it is.


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Monster is just another one of those words that people typically only use to describe films about giant sharks or aliens destroying indiscriminately.
I'd rather have it this way than use monster on a film that has something smaller than a poodle sleeping.


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To me monsters are things that humans fear and do not understand.
Or they are not human-like and behave differently
so we call them monsters