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what would happen if your family found out...


...that you were a furry? if hey already know, then how did they act?

in all probability, mine would think that I would need more counseling, and then my dad would try to give me crap about it, and so much drama, I would be willing to hurt them. they would not take it great though.


most of my family knows, but only my mom and grandma knows what furry actually is. everyone else thinks it is all about art (and I will leave it that way.) because I don't know what my dad would think if he found out the entire thing.

my mom and grandma are indifferent about it, they rerally don't care.


ah sea. good for you... I have tried to tell the mother, who failed to grasp, and my "Grandma." she took it ell, but she's also very open minded. =]


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They would probably go huh? And then, they would turn their attention right back to whatever alcoholic drink they have at the moment.


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They would probably go huh? And then, they would turn their attention right back to whatever alcoholic drink they have at the moment.

That last part defines my fathers reaction but my mother wouldn't care she would just want to see me. My grandparents would be like wow I didn't know something like that existed and wouldn't want to know any more about the subject. Overall no one would care.


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Erm, they'd probably scream, send me to a therapist, and have me under constant supervision for the rest of my life.


It would not last long. My mother would say, "Oh so you spend your time talking to fake animal people on the internet, but you still won't talk to your own mother!" And I would hang up. -_-

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They would eat me alive.
But then I'd put them in my wind up electric chair. =D


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DAD: "So does this mean you are a beastialist?"

MOM: "You already came out once, you don't get to do it again."

And I quote. I swear to god these were their actual reactions when they saw me on this site.


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I've never really made much of a secret of it. They know, and couldn't care less.


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Ehh as long as they don't find out about all the porn freaks and stuff, and I just explain it's an online character thing (it really is for me) they'll prolly shrug it off.


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It wouldn't bother them, so long as they didn't find out about the sexual side of it all. Then they'd think I was super weird.


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No-one in my family knows what it is, and I want to keep it that way.


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I would get weird looks from my dad.. my mom would think im crazy.. and my siblings would just laugh. ^_~;

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I've passed that magical age when you find out that your parents aren't omniscient and that you've got to make some choices on your own knowledge, so I never really considered this They'd probably blame the Internet, for all I know. Or video games.

I did think more furries would be out of the reach of parental criticism. Hard to hide it with fursuits blocking the hallway, the large amounts of vaseline kept here and there, and the occasional "special" dildo sometimes ending up in someone's drawer, but then there might be the occasional person under 16 floating in after being exposed to it early.


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I use my fursona as a form of self-expression and to keep my ugly mug off the internet. xP My parents know this.

They do NOT know that some people take it too far, and make the rest of us look bad. (By "Us" I mean me, since I've yet to find another non-fetishist furry around here.) I'd prefer to keep it that way.