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what would happen if your family found out...

Juste Wolf

Doodler and Writer
When my parents found out they asked me what it was, I told them, they didn't believe me so they looked it up for themselves. I get a call from my dad (who was super drunk) telling me that he loves me no matter what even if I get off to animal porn.


Inquisitor of the Radical Ordo
I'd have to learn how to dodge shotgun shells from my father if he found out. My mother wouldn't care, she'd just be disappointed that I like the art porn side of it. (Hell she loves my comics.)
My brother would go, "Well I always knew you were wierd. If You don't mind if I'll stay with real human porn."


Crush or be crushed.
Oh geez. I can't imagine what would happen if anyone in my family knew. Even though I'm not into the sex aspect of furryness (sounds wierd, aye?) I think my parents would be stunned and have no idea how to react. It would be the most miserable day of my life, guaranteed.


I think they'd probably react the same as when I told them about my blood fetish.
Go apeshit and tell me "Its not right!"


My brother called me a furfag.
My mom is all like wut.
And my dad would have a shitfit I bet.


Fuzzy of the Meowing Kind
Heh.. my mom knows. It's kind of a weird case, since I stumbled upon the whole thing through a fan site for a movie I'd seen as a kid. She was a conservative Christian then, so I hid the fact I was MUCKing for a while. She found out, though, and after hearing the why's of me chatting and roleplaying online, she started becoming less and less conservative. Now she knows a lot about it. She even helped me make my first fursuit.

My dad's another story though. I introduced him to the muck I used to run, once, and one night he connected and made a complete fool of himself (And I don't mean flaming or what have you. I mean literally acting like an idiot.). So he doesn't know anything further than that, though he does view my deviant art gallery from time to time. He's not very bright, so even if I flat out told him, he wouldn't understand enough of it to really have a reaction.