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What would you be doing today If Covid hadn't happened??


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As many users above, I'd been working but at office instead of home.

How do you deal with it? I'm also break my sleep schedule... It's sometimes terrific to lay down at 3-4 A.M. and wake up in 10-11 A.M.
I don't honestly.
Lately my sleep schedule is sleeping at 9-10 AM and waking up at 1-4 PM, it's pretty awful. Guess I haven't been that motivated to fix anything lol.
Otherwise in terms of exercise, I pretty much sit 24/7. Not healthy, but maybe if everything clears up I'll get my motivation back.


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I probably wouldn’t be on here! I wouldn’t have made quite as many fond memories of school, probably. When you can’t do something, you start missing it more. I would’ve gone on a vacation to the local beach and to my aunt’s house, and seen a couple of horse races. Overall, I’m OK with the results of Covid-19, since I’m having fun on here, and I’m exercising more than I would’ve been normally. It’s very annoying, and I’ll be happy to get back into school on September, but it’s fine for me.


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Eh, I was getting toward my wit's end at work, and was desperately trying to find another job in my trade. Got a few months off, blew a pile of my savings, loved not being at work, and somehow wound up being informed I was going back with a huge promotion after we perform another gig on a separate jobsite. It's good because now I know for sure I fucking hate what I do for a living, and I'll be able to save up super fast to jump ship into something that doesn't fucking suck.

So, just trying to quelch a shitpile of anxiety about going back to work in the first place, keep my cool, and not be fucking mad at myself for picking this shit as a career path in the first place.

I'd have probably fucking lost my mind by now if it was still business as usual, so Covid has been a blessing to me in all reality, just kicking myself for not taking advantage of the time.


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I would have more money.

Weirdly I have *more* money than I would have had, because I got evicted and had to move back with my family.

My landlord broke the contract, so I didn't have to give them any rent...so I've technically 'made' all that money.

My Brother was not so lucky.


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Nothing has really changed for me. So.. -Shrugs-

Frank Gulotta

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I would probably have a job


Stare at the sun, outside. Go to Walmart, without a MASK. Eat at Jack in the Box, without the everything restrictions, and without a MASK. Buy more Nerf guns, without a MASK. Go to Dave and Buster's, without a MASK and RESTRICTIONS. You know, the common stuff.


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Killed the rest of my being in a life taking job, i honestly have to be thankfull with covid, it gave me an oportunity to heal myself and start doing art again


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So many things!
In May alone I was going to do the NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour, go to my friend's destination wedding in Cancun, and go to another friend's bachelorette party.
Other than that I've been working normally so that part of my life hasn't changed much at all. It's just all the fun stuff.


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I would hopefully have been starting an emt cert course this fall, and be working as a lifeguard right now.

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Working. I still am.


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... at this very moment, probably nothing different, except for now wearing a mask outside

although that only applies to this week


I would have less money and probably already have lost my home. Still headed for that if I don't find a better job very soon, but at least with the stimulus I got that extra money to keep me hanging on a couple more months. The problem with that is that a lot of people lost their jobs during this, so there's a ton of extra competition out there right now for the kinds of jobs I can even do.