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What would you be doing today If Covid hadn't happened??


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Nothing really changed for me since my job wasn't affected and I have no social life. So the only thing I would be doing is not wearing a mask.


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I think I'd be travelling back from France to the UK at this point.

I followed my 'pretend' train journey on the way out, imagining which parts of France I'd be in.


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I would be spending time with Manchie


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The same thing I've been doing, but I'd likely be a little less...sad? Though, it's the summertime, so I'm sad anyway.

Sir Thaikard

The same thing I do every day, write porn and wonder what's for dinner.

Oh wait, it's Friday. I guess if Covid wasn't around I might have treated myself out to a nice meal somewhere. I miss sitting down and being served food.


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I haven't changed a whole lot of what I do every day. I still go out, do things, meet people, hangout, go to work etc. This has affected me very very little. Might have to wear a mask now and again but *shrugs* what ever I need to do what I need to do.


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living with my would-be husband in Canada lmao :B


Working and going out. Taking a couple classes towards a certificate right now so that's a job opportunity right there, hopefully! It'll likely be remote too.

I really miss going out though. I miss going to amusement parks and barcades. And furcons. :c


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Preparing for MFF and GFM is what I would have been doing.

I switched jobs under the assumption that I would have the funding from a con earlier in the year to start doing art full-time. Then we got canceled literally a week before the con and so now I"m just working and struggling to draw anything these days.


getting off my butt and going to school.


Well... my life hasn't changed at all. I need to wear a mask at work and... that's about it. Everything else has been generally the same for me.


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Pretty much the same thing. My job never changed. If anything else, they increased production schedules so I've been working consistently the entire time.
I'm not a big socializer, so I have kind of loved having an excuse to not have to go out and do things. We got a lot of projects done around here at the farm.