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What would you be doing today If Covid hadn't happened??


Queen of Laziness
I’ve been very lucky, honestly.

I got a dream job of mine through my sister’s friend, I’m going to Disney World in less than two weeks for my birthday, and I went to Anthro New England early in the year with my new fursuit tail.

All the things I want to do or have, I’ve got.

Rap Daniel

Clever dino wizard boi
I'd be at Frankie's Fun Place doing VR and riding the karts


Well-Known Member
Saving money for a con.
Hanging out with friends.
Anticipating a movie theater visit on Friday.

Stuff that you can't really do during a pandemic without risking everyone's health and safety. But I still go out. I have a job to do.


Femboy Pommie artist with a donut obsession
My friends own a coffee shop and art hub downtown and I would always go there with my friends and draw for hours before Covid. I miss that place ): if I could I would be there right now.


Explosion loving skooma cat
In July I wanted fireworks. Now, no family for Thanksgiving.

What would I do if COVID-19 didn't exist? Midnight run to IHOP.


The cutest derg
Would be at the football/soccer, followed by drinking and take-out over card games at a friend's house.


Well-Known Member
Most likely the same as I have been doing, except I wouldn’t wear a mask whenever I go out and would go to college in-person instead of online.


Would’ve been enjoying my first year of college and all the new perks and experiences that came with it, was so hyped for it and everything too. Unfortunately, I got to spend that first year behind a screen


probably would’ve been hanging with some friends a lot more often too of course, and would’ve gone on many more trips. You hate to see it. TwT


Woof? Woof
I'd have my T2 forklift license.


Explosion loving skooma cat
Lack of physical social interaction and travel is killing me. I need to get my pandemic weight off! :confused: :confused::confused:

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
I’d of gotten my dream job or at least be at the junior level and getting the needed +2 years in the field so I can actually apply for 80% of the other jobs.
Id of been able to visit my boyfriend.
I’d of been moved out.
I’d likely of been more mentally happy and able to work out like I wanted.

COVID fucked me up and I hate it. And generally dislike people who complain about working from home.


Well-Known Member
Right before the pandemic I was applying to law school to be a detective and I've already had reservations on that since then..

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I might actually be doing *less* with myself.