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What Would You Do If You Met Your Fursona?


Freak out because there's a random boar in front of me. Freak even more out if it's my bipedal, talking one.


Forgive Yourself
Have some tea, and smoke.

Probably talk about what went wrong, and then about current events. I like myself, so we would fuck. After that, go get some food.

Red Savarin

Caninu Hunter
Come on, what do you think I'd do if I had a clone? I mean, TECHNICALLY it's just, you know, getting off...

Okay, really, knowing myself, I'd kiss myself for hours because kissing is fun. Although if you're talking about a character that I created that has nothing to do with me, we'd have a standoff. All my characters that I create are designed to be exceptionally aggressive shitheads who shoot first and ask questions never, even if I'm a calm easy-going person that doesn't walk around with a loaded pistol. What can I say, I'm fascinated with southern culture.

Martin Canine

Crazy and proud, Lifestyler
Maybe, like in an opposite universe, my fursona deeply wishes to become human, since everything is the other way around, then have a long discussion, on how it is being a dog/human. After all, we're the same person with another body. Maybe we would try to switch bodies, then, before going back to the other's universe. Then we'd be happy, finally living in the world we always wanted to, looking like we wanted.
Just figured out I'm quite a dreamer.


the nerdy badass
upon meeting him, I would be freaking out because, just look at my avatar and you'd have an idea what my Fursona looks like then after that we go have a beer

Planet Swag

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Planet Swag


Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Put on some Subheim and chill about.
Talk smack about people and dig out my ancient ps2 and coop some stuff, that is, if my 'sona would be having a lucid period. If not, well, time to food up at some kebab joint.
Come the evening, there will be beer and whiskey, maybe some Bulmers too.


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
Be utterly baffled as it is still in the bubbly test tube floating about like a foetus. In its final stages of completion.


Feigning intelligence
Well, if I meet my fursona, then guess I would be very concerned about my mental state to the point of outright horrification, and make an appointment to visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible.