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What would you do if you won the lottery?



How much money are we talking here? A couple million?

I'd pay off my debt(the little I have), first and foremost. Invest in bonds/shares, buy a used car and set up a car insurance, get a couple of commissions from artists I miss commissioning and save up the rest for buying a house/apartment.
*chuckles fancily*
The current lottery sits at over 1 BILLION dollars


Autumn Wolf
*chuckles fancily*
The current lottery sits at over 1 BILLION dollars
He didn't specify which lottery tho. Nor how much was in the lottery itself.


I don't think I would want to. That much change in your life so quickly would stress me out a lot, since I don't even like little change. I would just put it in the bank and pretend it wasn't there unless I needed it.


If I won the lottery...
FIRST: Buy an RX7 FD Spirit R. Such an amazing car.
After that it’s be a house in Northwest Georgia. Savings accounts, pay several bills in advance, of course any debt, and some car parts for the RX7.


I would definitely be moving to The North Georgia Mountains. Probably near Chatsworth. You will need a four wheeler or other type of atv to get to our cabin!


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
I would feel guilty about becoming rich without having to have done any work, so I would feel obligated to give some of the money to good causes.

My mother has also always dreamed of owning a cottage in the countryside, and I think she deserves that, so I would try to make that happen for her.

Shadow of Bucephalus

Imma add another reply to this, 'cause it IS something I've considered (but obviously, never HAD the $$$ to see happen):

I would get with all those responsible for FA's site together, and fund whatever it took to update/grade/add-features, and the Staff necessary to see it all happen.

MY simple 'Gift', to the Fandom, which has provided me with over 20 years of enthusiasm.

Not even joking. 'I' don't need the damn $$$.

Holy shit, the Lottery has topped a BILLION!?... I wonder how much 'Take-Home' that would equate to, in one payment, AFTER the govt. got it's unworthy paws on it for taxes?..

(still has to be one HELLUVA sum)


Shekel collector
I would buy myself a comission


Hello, Proto
Hire an investor and give them 25% of the profits.
That should be a lucrative enough deal for all parties.


Fanatic Artist
I would put the lump sum in an interest checking account and live off of the interest.

Then, I would buy a mansion for the full amount and hold a monthly furry party in it. I would offer a beanfeast.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Shove it all waaaaay up my butt.

The current mega-millions in the US is at 1.6 Billion, with a cash option of $963 million.....you must have a really big butt :p

Myself, I'd build a custom home of modest size, overlooking Lake Michigan with some land attached, help as many friends as I could, set up a trust to fund scholarships for kids wanting to study the arts and humanities, and also, buy up large plots of land in various places, to be set aside as nature preserves.

And also a fund, to help those who are unable to read and write, and to help them find decent jobs.


50% metal, 45% Feathers, 5% Owl
I would go into hiding, very few win the lottery and get to enjoy it.

Consequence of how mow lottery systems require that basic information, like your name and face is released to the public, which is enough to allow a lot of money hungry people to hunt you down.


I'm a figure collector, so I guess I would spend it all on figures...
And an ipad to draw on the go. I've been eyeing the regular one with support for apple pencil. I just want something to sketch while I'm outside.
Ahh...I wish I could win the lottery but I don't even buy tickets ahah


Invest in the stock market. Accumulate ungodly sums. Withdraw my ungodly sums and (after taxes) buy enormous amounts of land (say the size of South Carolina). Attract shitloads of people to settle. Build necessary infrastructure. Get approved by Congress for statehood. Secede. Form a separate free and sovereign state.
Tbh tho I don't know what I'd do with that kind of money
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Always ill as hell
Use it for food, some traveling, donate it to good (and fighting) causes that benefit the world in positive ways, and save some for a rainy day in my bank account.
(And maybe some on anime goods and books, but the latter mostly...)


Part time deer, part time wolf
Hire a legal team, accountant before I did anything. Then I'd pay off all my financial obligations, get fursuits for both of my sonas, and who knows after that.


You can't just quote yourself! -Me
Step 1: call a lawyer and set up a trust to claim it without having to reveal my name publicly.
Step 2: pay off all current debts/financial obligations.
Step 3: buy a plot of land with plenty of forest, a small house on said land, and a nice but not extravagant car.
Step 5: Anonymous donations to friends and family and charities. Probably up to 70% of the remaining total.
Step 6: travel the world.


Pay off my student loans, maybe help out close family members, and then hold onto the real value of that wealth ruthlessly.

I'd be more inclined to donate some portion of it to 'good causes' (ie. helping out close family members) if the amount won in the lottery (which hasn't been specified by the question) allowed me to do so while remaining effectively just as rich.

Something I was considering is, if you were in a position where you could retire early (like, relating back to the main question, if you won the lottery), would you? It's hard to say for sure, but I think I wouldn't personally, though I probably would lower my workload permanently, or something like that.


Window Licker
Buy a few cool houses in different parts of the world, get a personal jet and helicopter, get a shitload of art for my characters and probably comics done of them, I’d probably get more animals (I have a dog, two cats and two reptiles already) and make sure those animals live as bad ass as possible (maybe get an aviary?!) , get really cool high-end camping gear, eat badass food every meal, donate to family members, and the rest donate to different charities and research centers as I see fit. Maybe get myself an education...

Just off the top of my head. :3 It’s nice to daydream. My life is pretty comfortable now but hot damn would it change for the better!